Rivalta Cafe

Restaurant, nightclub
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Name: Rivalta Cafe

Address: Lungarno Corsini 14r , Florence

Tel: 055 289810

Email: info@rivaltacafe.it



Riva as a point of anchorage, but also departure. As a refuge and rest after a trip or a place of exchange, of movement, of encounter. From the shore you can see everything on the bank there you take the time to talk, to learn about and get to know, to recharge. RIVALTA born that way, the desire to never stand still.

The heart of Florence is there, in all its beauty. Stretch your hand and you think you touch it all. RIVALTA is an experience of the senses, in all senses: the eyes bounce Arno, hands touching other hands, nose explores, ears enjoy, mouth celebrates. And the heart fills. The sun accompanies you and do not budge, the Lungarno Corsini spalletta back to life the voices, faces, laughter. Finally!

RIVALTA is elegance of spirit, emotion of participation, energy happiness that you breathe. Soul multifaceted and dynamic, always on the head, curiosity in living every moment and offer moments of fun, in all its nuances.


To go beyond their limits prejudice themselves. This is the project of Rivalta Cafe dynamic identity, made in almagreal. A bet that the game has become the Rivalta Cafe real face: the winged dog aulicamente overlooking the frescoed vault inside the cafe today flies always different in his manifold physiognomy - pug, greyhound and pincher to start, but many others are ready to take flight - and its always different skins.
Today the idea of ​​identity is so rich in facets that make us more appropriate to think that someone in the morning when we go to work and someone else in the evening when we go out. This game means that we are open to the world, and ready to interface with others with an appropriate mood to situations. If you succeed, it's great fun. And Rivalta Cafe is doing it "explain the Rivalta Boys, who have grafted this vision on communication of a local Florentine which offers itself as a meeting point of different experiences - from light lunch to tea & tart Various themed party. If flew dogs would obscure the sky?

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