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Address: via Vasco De Gama, 49-51 - Firenze , Florence

Date: Sunday 26 September 2021


"FLORENTINE PERSPECTIVES" project in the context of the Florentine Summer:
DANTE AND THE SECRET CIRCLE OF POETS interactive show built as a creative laboratory for children aged 6-11 years on the years of childhood and the first experiences of the poet

The APS International Theater Center, wishing to promote knowledge of Dante and his work among the smallest citizens of the city that inspired the great poet, proposes
DANTE AND THE SECRET CIRCLE OF POETS interactive show built as a creative laboratory for children aged 6-11 on the years of his childhood and his first experiences as a poet. After so many months in which learning has been mediated by new technologies we would like to finally go back to looking children in the eyes, listening to them, talking to them and helping them to express them in a poetic form and why not ... with Dante's help!
Dante was also a very young Durante (a first name that already suggests a passage ... a becoming) with many emotions, doubts, the first falls in love ...
Our small circle of poets on the trail of its history will find tools to compose its own poetry. Florence, 1277
Three difficult tests to become the greatest poet of all time.
Dante is twelve years old and has a dream, or rather two: to become a poet, like Virgil or perhaps Guido, an older boy, already known in the city for his love rhymes; get to know Beatrice. Since he met her he hasn't stopped thinking about her.
Everything seems to be going well when Guido invites him to join a secret circle of poets.
His big break has finally arrived.
But to realize his dreams he will have to resort to all the courage and ingenuity of which he is capable, solve a dangerous intrigue, venture into the streets of the city in the middle of the night despite the curfew, face his father who has many other projects for him. and overcome three tough tests ...
Just in this way Dante will understand that his love for poetry is stronger than anything and in the end he will find his way, unique, unrepeatable, to become great.
In the large parks and gardens on the outskirts of our city, the aspiring poets of this secret circle will be invited to follow our masters / actors in search of their own poetic inspiration. Trying to stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they will be invited to stimulate and evoke those feelings already felt by the great poet at their tender age.
*** At the end of the workshop a representation will be organized with the participating children, in the form of Poetry Slam battle the event is free with the reservation tel. 3475572347; e-mail: centroteatroint@gmail.com


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