In Dostoevsky's Florence

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Address: via Vasco De Gama, 49-51 - Firenze , Florence

Date: Thursday 23 September 2021


PROJECT in the context of the Florentine Summer

Did you know that Dostoevsky has been to Florence twice?
And do you know how much Italian theater and cinema has been influenced by this great Russian author?
We invite you to our round table ... a very large game table that goes from Italy to Russia!
Given the disconcerting topicality in which our civilization is poured, the CTI has decided to deepen its studies of Dostoevsky, one of the greatest "Influencers" of all time, hoping to find new strengths and answers to the many pressing existential doubts. Why talk about Dostoevsky today? - Because it's about you!
In this "game" in fact the topic will always be you. Whether you are Russian or Italian, Dostoevsky is a fine connoisseur of the labyrinths of the human soul and it does not matter that he was born two centuries ago! Indeed it is interesting to note how certain dynamics were valid then as now.
The eternal battle between evil and good, reason and sentiment, the charm of beauty ...

FRIDAY 23 September at 9.00 pm

We are waiting for you!
Reservations are required by tel. 3475572347, or by e-mail:


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