'Way out' one-act eccentric comedy

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Address: via Vasco De Gama, 49-51 - Firenze , Florence

Date: Friday 21 May 2021


We finally open the doors of our new theatrical space with a cult show from the International Theater Center
eccentric comedy conceived and directed by Olga Melnik
Italian - Matteo Facenna
French - Samuele Batistoni
Russian - Valentina Schiavi
Black men - Davide Papi, Fabio Deriu and Abel Montefalchi
20-21-22 May at 8.15 pm

For Covid19 regulations
calling at n. 347 557 2347
or by writing an email to centroteatroint@gmail.com

The show is an eccentric farce born several years ago and which has traveled to National and International Theater Festivals all over the world, Russia, Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium ...
It has always had a warm welcome because it is based on fundamental axioms in which each of us can recognize himself, to whatever nationality we belong.
The difficulty in communicating, the prejudice, but also the survival instinct, the ability to get used to even the most anomalous and desperate situations.
Today, more than ever, it seemed appropriate to us to open the doors of our new SPACE to the public for the first time, to find a new EXIT, to play again in the broadest sense of the term!
A theatrical show full of comedy, given by the situation and by the numerous linguistic misunderstandings, a show that is nothing more than the metaphor of life: we live feeling enclosed in a world that seems too small to us, we look in vain for an escape route, and only one once we have reached the threshold of the emergency exit, we have the courage to look back and look.
Only in this way do we realize that our "cellmates", apparently so different from us in language, culture and dreams, resemble us more than we ever believed.
Palmares of the show:
• Awards: Best Show; Best Actor, Best Direction and Audience Appreciation at the International Festival "Sibirskaja rampa" / Baikal / Russia - 2008
• Awards: Best Actor Ensemble; Best Actor for Valentina Schiavi, Matteo Facenna and Samuele Batistoni, Best Director in the search for Modern theater at the International Festival "I rise, tears, and love" / Ekaterinburg / Russia - 2009
• Estivades International Festival - Marshe-en-Fammen- Belgium –2009
• Awards: Best Company; Best Scenography, Best Direction at the Festival "L'Estate di San Martino" San Miniato (PI) / Italy -2009
• Award at the Festival of the University of Culture and Art in Moscow / Russia - 2010
• National Festival "TRANSITI" - Furio Camillo Theater / Rome / Italy - 2010
• Award for "The richness of theatrical language and for the treasure of improvisation" at the International Festival "Tradition and avant-garde - Gatchina / Russia - 2010
• Review “Unstable atmospheres” - Theater of Rivoli / Turin / Italy –2010
• Best Show and Best Actress Award to Valentina Schiavi at the National Festival "L'ora del Teatro" - Montecarlo / Italy - 2010
• Sponsor's Award at the “Baltijskij bereg” International Festival - Tallinn / Estonia -2011
• Audience Appreciation Award "Best Show" and Best Actress to Valentina Schiavi at the National Festival "Teatrika" - La Spezia / Italy - 2011
• Nomination Best Actress to Valentina Schiavi, Best Production, Best show for the Jury at the Festival international de Théâtre de Mont-Laurier (Qc), CANADA - 2011
• Feast of Tuscany -2011
• International Festival - Oujda / Morocco - 2013
• Award "Best contamination of theatrical cultures and genres" at the International Festival "Theatrical Revolution - 2015" - Tiumen '/ Russia
• Awards: SUCCESS IN THE RESEARCH OF THEATER LANGUAGE, HUMANISM and TOLERANCE BEST MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT, Best Actor for Valentina Schiavi, Matteo Facenna and Samuele Batistoni, at the International Festival "Vilniusskaja rampa - 2015" - Vilnius / Lithuania


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