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Address: Piazza del Carmine14 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Friday 06 November 2020


Fourth edition kicks off on Friday 16 October in Sala Vanni

At Jazz Supreme, the stage that tells stories

the best contemporary jazz scene

"You can play a shoestring if you're sincere" argued John Coltrane. Suggested by these words, which are then the starting point for the new graphic concept of the fourth edition of the show, A Jazz Supreme returns: seven appointments on the stage of the Sala Vanni that tell the best contemporary jazz scene.

This year's edition focused particularly on the element of novelty, presenting all unpublished projects and new meetings between musicians, who had scheduled recordings and concerts before arriving in the autumn, tested and mature: the epidemic from Covid 19 made this road map impractical, and so only Jim Black had time to release his record "Reckon". All the others will go on stage for the first time together or almost together, making the atmosphere of the upcoming live shows even more exciting.

The concert program, conceived by Fernando Fanutti of Musicus Concentus and pianist Simone Graziano and inspired by the masterpiece record "A Love Supreme" by the aforementioned Coltrane, kicks off on Friday 16 October with Jim Black Trio , undoubtedly one of the jazz icons of "Border": the long-lasting collaborations with Tim Berne and Dave Douglas have imposed the 'free' style of his drumming, which has become an essential model for drummers outside the swing metrics.
In this ensemble he reveals a melodic and soulful sound and in the company of Elias Stemeseder and Felix Henkelhausen he manages to build a perfect balance between strong and at the same time very delicate sounds. The three show all their particular feeling for the nuances and refined nuances, from the first to the last note they perform at very high levels. In addition to highlighting the fundamental elements of the drummer's music (hypnotizing polyrhythms, unsettling improvisational paths), the trio is an opportunity to listen to Black struggling with one of the most classic jazz formats. Leaving aside the heavy electrification of sound that characterizes many of his rehearsals as a leader, the drummer here indulges in an exclusively acoustic sound.

Francesco Bigoni and Francesco Diodati boast a ten-year collaboration and three record releases, with the Neko quartet by Francesco Diodati and with the orchestral ensemble Auanders. On Friday 23 October they present their new project, mainly dedicated to the exploration of the rhythmic parameter, following two parallel paths: the first, more conventional, involves the development of an improvisational and compositional group baggage; the second sees the graft of electronics for guitar, home-made instruments and software in the sound balance of the quartet. The goal is the elaboration of dense rhythmic textures, changing and, in some way, agnostic from the point of view of language. Accompanying Bigoni and Diodati are two leading musicians in the panorama of jazz and French improvised music, two masters of their instruments who have chosen personal and unique paths during their artistic career: the pianist Benoît Delbecq and the drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq.

For years Ada Montellanico , one of the most important and original singer and composer on the Italian scene, in her various formations has preferred brass, instruments with sounds towards which she has a particular attraction and affinity. In this new musical adventure - scheduled for Friday 30 October - he chooses Michel Godard, a multifaceted artist and great experimenter, one of the most extraordinary tubists and the only one ever snake player.
Besides Godard, WeTuba sees the presence of three musicians who currently represent the most avant-garde expression of young Italian jazz, Simone Graziano on piano, Francesco Ponticelli on double bass and Bernardo Guerra on drums. Extraordinary artists with whom Ada Montellanico has been collaborating for several years in several of her formations. An original organic that through the writing of new compositions, wants to emphasize the construction and intertwining of the melodic lines of the various instruments. Songs specially written for this project by each of the members of the group in a research path in which the narrative blends with the improvisational element, within an ensemble with an original and highly innovative sound.

“Where to go to look for what we haven't discovered yet? Where to get ideas that will make our music new and different from how we thought before? Where can we feed our instruments with those emotions that can make them voices, at times familiar and at other times alien, but which intrigue us? In the simplest places. In the songs ".
With these words Luca Aquino , one of the most popular Italian jazz musicians on the international scene, and Giovanni Guidi , a pupil of a certain Enrico Rava, describe their concert scheduled for Friday 6 November in Sala Vanni.
Aquino began playing the trumpet at the age of nineteen as a self-taught. Shortly after he abandoned the instrument to finish Economics and Commerce at the University but the love for the sound of Miles Davis and Chet Baker led him back to the study of the trumpet and led him to devote himself completely to music. In 2007 he released his first album as a leader "Sopra le Nuvole" with Universal Music Group, and a year later he recorded "Lunaria" with guests Roy Hargrove and Maria Pia De Vito. With "Lunaria" he wins the coveted "Top Jazz" of Jazz Music: from this moment it is a whole career in ascent of successes and awards.
Guidi was born in Foligno in 1985; attending the Siena Jazz summer seminars, he is noticed by Enrico Rava, who places him in the Rava Under 21 group, later transformed into the Rava New Generation.
Currently, in addition to the collaboration with Enrico Rava Special Edition, the duo "Closer" with Daniele Di Bonaventura on the bandoneon, the quintet "Brotherhood" co-directed with Fabrizio Bosso and Francesco Bearzatti and which includes Eric Wheeler on double bass and Joe Dyson on drums, is band leader in his personal projects.

The She's Analog group - scheduled for Friday 13 November - was born at the end of 2018 with the precise desire to explore once more the sonic possibilities offered by a particular declination of the bassless trio.
The idea is that of a collectively created music which, starting from an ever more slender compositional cue, is enriched with an increasingly radical improvisation. In March 2019 he recorded his first album at Marchisiello (Foligno) together with Dan Kinzelman as a sound engineer. The album was mixed and mastered in August at the KU-studio (Naples) by Renato Grieco (kNN), and was released last September by Auand records. The one on November 13 will be one of the first live shows.

In the penultimate appointment of the review, scheduled for Friday 20 November , the protagonist is Gabrio Baldacci , on the stage of the Sala Vanni to present “Nina”, a recently released triple album that collects all his sonorous souls.
In the triple album a decade of music is divided into three chapters: Solo (2017), Tambrio (in duo, recorded in 2019), and Mr Rencore (in trio, 2014). In addition to the triple CD version, “NINA” will also be available digitally, in three parts, out every first Friday of the month until December.
Mr. Rencore is the project with Daniele Paoletti on drums and electronics and Beppe Scardino on baritone and alto sax. The Solo album is an exploration in which Baldacci's multifaceted approach and diverse talents become even more evident, while in Tambrio he gives free rein to free improvisations with his faithful accomplice Stefano Tamborrino.

The festival closes on Thursday 26 November with a double concert proposed in collaboration with Music Pool . Opening Gal : a trio born recently, but which somehow formed many years ago, when all the members started to take their first steps in the world of music. Their experiences, intertwined and transformed over time, have given life to a repertoire made up of simple sounds and characterized by a strong jazz imprint. They animate their live unreleased songs with soul and electronic contaminations. As a result, an irresistible blend of introspection and modernity.
Following this, Simona Severini presents Ipotesi, a six-song EP born from a two-day live session in the studio and that gives life to a warm and clean sound that mixes elements of jazz and vintage pop within a songwriting dimension. Two of the three unreleased songs are co-signed by Pacifico, plus three covers by Kendrick Lamar, Bonnie Raitt and Niccolò Fabi completely reworked and immersed in a sound made up of few musical elements and many voices.

A JAZZ SUPREME - fourth edition
Sala Vanni, Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence

Concerts start at 9.15 pm

Presale ticket € 13 + dp (Boxoffice presales) - Full ticket at the door € 20 (if available). Sala Vanni complies with the current spacing rules imposed on live performances, so seats will be sold individually, except for those who fill out the self-declaration for the purchase of tickets by relatives available on http://www.musicusconcentus.com / tickets /

The Musicus Concentus activities are carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Florence and the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation. The Musicus Concentus activities are carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Florence and the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation.

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