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Address: Piazza del Carmine14 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Saturday 02 February 2019


Musicus Concentus and Disco_nnect present


2 February / 2 March / 20 March / 30 April

In Sala Vanni the dark ambient of Drew McDowall (2 February), the electronic psychedelic of Sun Araw (2 March) and the meditative music of Lawrence English with William Basinski (20 March). Grand Finale at the Puccini Theater with the digital trance of Amnesia Scanner (30 April)

It's called Disconnect and is the result of a new collaboration between Musicus Concentus and Disconnect.

A review that, between sound experimentation and new visual languages, investigates the centrality of codes in today's technological culture: from the binary to the base of the information revolution, passing through the universal one of digital platforms up to that of DNA manipulated by genetic engineering. The concerts and performances of, in Sala Vanni and at the Teatro Puccini, investigate the possibilities of expressive use of the codes of sound design and of video languages, up to the new explorations of generative music.

Program at the start Saturday, February 2 in Sala Vanni with Drew McDowall . Former member of Psichic TV and Coil, two of the most influential bands on the experimental electronic scene in Britain, Drew McDowall rarely performs in public. In the last four years he has embarked on a solo path of extraordinary beauty and, in Florence, will propose an exclusive concert to present the brand new "The Third Helix", fascinating comes in that dark "moon music", straddling dark-ambient and drone, elaborated by the Scottish musician and his analogue machines in an inebriating and obscure hallucinatory vision, not far from the psychedelic experiments of the Coils.

In the second event, scheduled for Saturday, March 2 always in Sala Vanni, space at Sun Araw , the project by Cameron Stallones that reworks the concept of psychedelic in a chaotic and pulsating mix of krautrock, lo-fi, electronic loops, funk and afrobeat. The last works of the American musician are marked by a minimalist approach that, in real life, is configured as fertile ground for improvisation practices and unpredictable trajectories.

Three years after the sold out in Sala Vanni William Basinski returns to the historic Sala del Piazza del Carmine for his unprecedented collaboration with Lawrence English : a heavyweight duo of "repetitive improvisation" whose concert is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th .

In the project "Selva Oscura" (just published) the meditative melancholy of Basinski is combined with the physical and mathematical approach of English. The reference of the title to the work of Dante has a double meaning: on the one hand is a metaphor of the errant lives of the two, on the other is an invitation to lose their way and their time, plunging into the disorienting flow of an otherworldly music .

Grand finale Tuesday, April 30th at the Teatro Puccini with the live by Amnesia Scanner , Finnish duo composed by Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. At home in Berlin, they create cryptic and unstructured electronic music using a variety of sampled sources. The first songs had begun to appear online in 2014, loaded with synths of discordant tones and fragmented voices. They defined themselves as "Xperienz Designers" to describe their own brutal and futuristic sound, contained in the six tracks of the 2016 "EP" EP, published by Young Turks. In September 2018 they came out with their first LP released by the PAN label of Bill Kouligas, old acquaintance of the Musicus Concentus and guest as early as 2016. Another life, this is the name of the record, plays between post club music and electro and tells the Amnesia Scanner experience with the most modern technologies available, including vocal synthesis. An avant-EDM production that explores a schizophrenic and apocalyptic sound present that finds an ideal environment for expansion even in contemporary art galleries.

The activities of the Musicus Concentus are made with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Florence and the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation.

Sala Vanni - Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence

Puccini Theater - Via delle Cascine 41, Florence

Start of the Sala Vanni concerts at 9.15pm

Sala Vanni: reduced ticket in advance € 13 + dp // Full ticket € 20

Puccini Theater: tbc

Sala Vanni Reductions: 20% at the door for Coop members, under 25 and Arci members - Tickets available on the Box Office Toscana Circuit and TicketOne

Puccini Theater Reductions: tbc


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