Glorytellers, between neo folk and acoustic sounds

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Address: Piazza del Carmine14 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Saturday 14 May 2022



Starting from Saturday 2 April, six appointments are scheduled

Glorytellers, between neo folk and acoustic sounds

The review dedicated to the independent music scene is back, in particular the one that has rediscovered the dimension of more collected and acoustic music. On the calendar Lorenzo Kruger (April 2), Folcast (April 9), Spiritual Front (April 23), Tommaso Novi and Valeria Caliandro (April 29), Peppe Voltarelli and Bimbo (May 7), Francesco Di Bella (May 14).

Discovering the most significant talents of the Italian music scene in a constant alternation of sounds: from the most intimate ballads to the intricate rhythms that see acoustic and electronic instruments acting together.

From Saturday 2 April , on the stage of the Sala Vanni, Glorytellers returns , the review organized by Musicus Concentus with Black Candy Produzioni which aims to broaden the overview to some of the most stimulating realities of today's music, looking at movements such as neo folk and acoustic indie rock (concerts start at 9.15 pm - ticket € 13 + dp).

Glorytellers is part of the rich calendar of Tradition in Movement of the Musicus Concentus, an association founded in 1972 with the aim of establishing a stable center of musical activity in Florence and Tuscany, which this year turns 50.

The program opens on April 2 with Lorenzo Kruger , songwriter and performer with an eclectic and never banal nature. With Nobraino, a cult band of the 2000s, he collected five studio albums, a live album and an EP, reaching a fair amount of popularity.
In 2021, as a soloist, he came out with the single "Con me Low Fi" and with the launch of the solidarity campaign Spazi Desideri, a manifesto operation linked to the artwork of the new album, the proceeds of which are donated to "Casa di Gesso" , Cesena's children's theater school.
Anticipated by "Il Calabrone", the second single extracted, the new album "Singularity" produced by Taketo Gohara was released in September 2021 for Woodworm and distributed by Universal Music Italia.
A project, the solo one, started in 2017, when Kruger decides to undertake a path inspired by the great names of Italian music such as Fabrizio De Andrè and Paolo Conte. To the latter he dedicated the show "Gli discountati", with which he toured Italy collecting more than 300 dates. Out of the box, provocative and irreverent, Kruger is also totally dedicated to music and its audience, as evidenced by the live dimension alongside the piano.
Impossible not to deepen his career with the Nobrainos, with whom in 2011 he won the special prize for the "Best tour of the year" awarded to MEI in Faenza. Among the most important concerts the one at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo on the occasion of the Tenco Prize without forgetting the performances at the “Concertone” on May 1st in Rome and at the Taranto one.

Folcast (stage name of Daniele Folcarelli), scheduled for April 9 , is a Roman singer-songwriter born in 1992. He grows up in a family of musicians and devours all kinds of music. He founded his artistic project in 2015 on the basis of energy and groove, creating a blend of various genres: funk, R&B, soul, blues, pop and rock, with hints of rap. In May 2021 he released the single “Senti che musica”, feat. Roy Paci with the participation of Selton. In the summer of the same year he started with the "Discover Tour", a journey of over 20 dates in the most prestigious festivals and venues in Italy and is also the opening act of some live performances by Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazzè and Carmen Consoli. At the end of 2021 the new single “Come no” was released.
On January 14, 2022 he is out with “Tempisticamente”, the new album produced by Tommaso Colliva. In spring he presents the disc, in the main clubs and concert halls, including the Sala Vanni. It is worth remembering his participation in Sanremo Giovani 2021, thanks to which he gains access to the 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival in the New Proposals category, conquering the podium and finishing in third place. “Discover yourself”, the song that Folcast brought to the Ariston stage, is written and composed by himself. Tommaso Colliva, who also oversaw the artistic production, and Raffaele Scogna collaborated on the composition. The song exceeded 2.5 million plays on all digital platforms and won the SIAE Rome Videoclip Award - New Proposals Categories Sanremo 2021.

Scrolling through the calendar we come to April 23 where we find the Spiritual Front : a band with a unique style, defined between decadent Central European pop and a vintage sound / visual with continuous references to Italian auteur cinema and not only (not surprisingly the last compilation in which the band participated was precisely that of the tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini). They have several albums to their credit (including: Spiritual Front 2000, Nihilist cocktails for calypso inferno Satyriasis 2005, Armageddon gigolò 2006, Roma Rotten Casino 2010) and hundreds of concerts throughout Europe and stages shared with international groups such as Death in June, Deus, Sol Invictus, Mars Volta, Brett Anderson and many others.
"Armageddon Gigolò" saw the collaboration of the musicians of Ennio Morricone's orchestra, recorded at the Herzog studio, the same one also chosen by Abel Ferrara for the recording of his soundtracks. The texts of the Spiritual Front (in English) tell of a decadent and nihilistic romanticism, of rotten characters who have lost faith in good feelings; in the same performance arc we pass from tango rhythms to pop sounds, from western ballads to cursed love songs.

Among the most interesting collaborations, also generated by Black Candy Produzioni, there is the one between Tommaso Novi and Valeria Caliandro , on the stage of Glorytellers on April 29th . The first, historical member of I Gatti Mézzi, is a pianist, composer and music therapist. He trained in piano and composition and holds a chair of Musical Whistle in Pisa and currently collaborates with the Department of Didactics of the Luigi Cherubuni Conservatory in Florence with his own project on this discipline. He recorded his whistle in the soundtracks of some feature films such as “La Prima Cosa Bella” (by Paolo Virzì) and “Una Festa Esagerata” (by Vincenzo Salemme) working alongside the maestro Nicola Piovani. With the group I Gatti Mézzi (2005 - 2016), six record productions and more than 700 concerts. A solo record in 2017. He has collaborated with Paolo Fresu, Zen Circus, Motta, Gipi, Ascanio Celestini, Banda Bardò. In 2019 he joined BlackCandy Produzioni and in 2021 he released the new album "Terzino Fuorigioco" -
Valeria Caliandro, on the other hand, was born in Florence and grew up in Prato, where she lives. In 2012 he released his first album, Immacolato Caos, under the name of Vilrouge, which received unanimous acclaim from the press and critics. He continues and builds his career by basing it on research, the teaching of music in schools and with various workshops, and listening education for children. In the last four years he has collected fundamental experiences made of decisive encounters. Among these he has the opportunity to know and share the stage with artists such as Francesco De Gregori and Carmen Consoli. The latter invites her to open the Tuscan dates of the theatrical tour of her Eco di Sirene Tour. “The seductive absence” is her second album. In 2018 the partnership with Blackcandy Produzioni was born.

Peppe Voltarelli , scheduled for May 7 , is a Calabrian singer, songwriter, writer and actor. He has been active since 1994 as the voice founder and leader of Il Parto delle neri heavy, a cult band of Italian new folk.
Among the most recent records with this band "Sottomondi", released in 2019 with the artistic collaboration of Tony Canto. The album is preceded by the single "Niente ninna per uomo ne" ', which tackles the theme of racism in a light and ironic way by crossing the story of Riace and accompanied by a video clip shot in a nursery school in the Milanese suburbs under the direction by Giuseppe Bilotti. As a solo artist he has released five studio albums, nine live and four soundtracks.
He has won the Targa Tenco three times: the first time with "Last night in Mala Strana" in 2010 as best album in dialect, the second with "Voltarelli sings Profazio" in 2016 as best interpreter album and finally the third, always in the same category, with "Planetario": a collection of timeless songs, published by Squilibri in 2021. Voltarelli, whose concert will be opened by Bimbo, was the lead actor and co-author of the film "The true legend of Tony Vilar" by Giuseppe Gagliardi prima Italian mokumentary. It boasts collaborations with Claudio Lolli, Teresa De Sio, Sergio Cammariere and Bandabardo and Amy Denio.

The exhibition closes on May 14 , Francesco Di Bella . He began his artistic career giving life in the early 90s to 24 Grana, a forerunner of Italian alternative rock, of which he is frontman and main author. In 1996 the group signs a recording contract with La Canzonetta Records, and a few months later the album "Loop" positively surprises the national music critics for the freshness with which it is able to blend new styles of music, such as dub and trip hop, to poetic texts with a strong social charge.
Together with the 24 Grana, “'O Cardillo” writes and records 8 albums, two of which are recorded live. At the same time he cultivates collaborations with the main artists of his city such as Bisca, 99 Posse, Almamegretta, and other Italians such as Marina Rei and Riccardo Sinigallia.
His "alternative" artistic research translates, in 2014, into his first solo album "Ballads Café", a compendium of songs from his years spent in the band, reinterpreted in a more intimate and songwriting key, of which the text makes it as a protagonist.
In 2016 the album "Nuova Gianturco", produced by Daniele Sinigallia, places him fully in the ranks of Italian singer-songwriters: the 10 songs on the album tell about his city while metaphorically holding "his back to the sea" and with the single "Tre Nummerielle "Wins the Lunezia Prize. He then participates, together with Vasco Brondi, Dario Brunori, Lo Stato Sociale, Andrea Appino and Max Collini, in the show Epica Ettica Etnica Pathos, conceived and staged by former members of the CSI.

It promotes songwriting workshops aimed at young authors, an experience that is sublimated in the songwriting and music production workshop "Learn to swim", held for the first time in Rome in 2017, thanks to the work of Filippo Gatti, Riccardo Sinigallia, Francesco Motta and Francesco Bianconi.
At the end of 2018 his new unpublished album, "'O Diavolo" was released, followed by a long tour.
On June 5, 2020, a new single written jointly with the singer of Foja, Dario Sansone, “Uno Vicino a n'ato”, is released digitally. In the summer of 2020 he continues to carry his music around with the “Ballads” project, in acoustic, flanked by Alfonso Bruno (on guitar).

The activities of the Musicus Concentus Association benefit from the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Tuscany, the Municipality of Florence, the Metropolitan City of Florence and are supported by the CR Firenze Foundation with the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo. Sponsor: Cdr Srl.

Concerts start at 9.15 pm
Sala Vanni (Florence) - Piazza del Carmine 14
admission € 13 + dp - more information
At the cash desk: full € 20 (if available), reduced € 16 for under 25 (if available) and students of the Fiesole Music School. At the cash desk: full € 20 (if available), reduced € 16 for under 25 (if available) and students of the Fiesole Music School.


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