"A Jazz Supreme"

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Address: Piazza del Carmine14 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Saturday 19 October 2019


Third edition starting Saturday 19 October in the Sala Vanni

Dazzling light on the modernity of jazz

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A diorama of harmonies in which every sound is possible, every frequency is lawful. The review A Jazz Supreme, directed by Fernando Fanutti of the Musicus Concentus and by the pianist Simone Graziano reaches its third edition.

After the delicious preview with the guitarist Marc Ribot, held last September 14 in Piazza del Carmine on the occasion of the Florence Jazz Festival, the festival kicks off on Saturday 19 October with the trio Aarset / Rabbia / Petrella , on the stage of the Sala Vanni to present the album "Lost River", recently blessed by the ECM label. The drummer Michele Rabbia and the guitarist Eivind Aarset have already played several times in a duo, and Rabbia has collaborated with the trombonist Gianluca Petrella in other contexts, but this album marks a absolute premiere for the trio.
For the most part spontaneously improvised, and with mysterious details in the soundscape, "Lost River" amazes with each listening. The battery of Rage is freely creative and propulsive, and enchants through the use of electronics; the sounds of Aarset delight those who appreciated the Dream Logic project and its contribution to the album with Nils Petter Molvӕr, Tigran Hamasyan and Andy Sheppard. Petrella's role is that of the main instrument and surprises especially those who until now have appreciated him "only" as a jazz musician alongside Enrico Rava and Giovanni Guidi; while his musical spectrum and his talent are extremely broad and fall fully within the productions curated by Manfred Eicher and his ECM Records. The trio concert will be introduced by the unpublished singer Camilla Battaglia .

Jozef Dumoulin ( 26 October ) is a specialist in the Fender Rhodes, with numerous albums acclaimed by audiences and artists . "One of the most inventive pioneers of its kind", "sorcerer of the piano", "a wizard of keyboards"; there are many words used to describe this artist. With A Fender Rhodes Solo, the first Solo in the history of this instrument released by the French label Bee Jazz, it is able to expertly mix the music of the world. Highly sought after as a sideman, Jozef Dumoulin has recorded and toured with the finest musicians in the fields of jazz, rock, improvised music and traditional music.
At the opening of the evening the duo O-Janà formed by the singer Ludovica Manzo and the electronic musician / pianist Alessandra Bossa.

In the third round of AJS the quintet Frontal , ensemble led by Simone Graziano considered one of the best pianists and composers to emerge recently in the Italian scene ( 8 November ). Among the talents that flank him is Gabriele Evangelista on double bass and Stefano Tamborrino on drums. What about the Dutch guitarist Reinier Baas, one of the most representative musicians of the new generation of European jazz. Then there is also Dan Kinzelman on tenor sax, American naturalized in Italy, now one of the most authoritative voices on the European scene.
On this occasion Frontal will present the new album "Sexuality", coming out on the Auand Records label, entirely dedicated to polyphony and African polyrhythm. At the opening the Nerovivo ensemble , headed by Evita Polidoro to which are added Davide Strangio, Nicolò Faraglia and Adele Russotto.

The calendar of the event is joined this year by the name of Aaron Parks , a pianist who makes his debut on the prestigious Blue Note label at the age of twenty-five with "Invisible Cinema", followed by three other records on Blue Note with trumpeter Terence Blanchard. The BBC declares him one of the best albums of the year, Jazz Time names him as "a visionary". He also made two albums with ECM, including a solo piano and a trio recorded with Billy Hart and Ben Street.
Little Big is the new band by Aaron Parks, which somehow continues the trajectory traced in 2008 by "Invisible Cinema", with a particular focus on melodic writing, modern rhythms and narrative. Comrades Greg Tuohey on guitar, DJ Ginyard on electric bass and Tommy Crane on drums (formerly known in the Musicus) bring their experience not only from improvisation, but also from electronics, R&B, and indie pop ( 15 November ). On this occasion the Parks concert will be introduced by She's analog, a trio composed by Stefano Calderano, Luca Sguera and Giovanni Iacovella dedicated to radical improvisation.

The Piano trio, conceived as an "operational core" with respect to a musical vision in which the material oscillates between performative and "compositional", is the main ingredient of Giampiero Locatelli Trio who presents the album "Right Away", released last year for the Auand label ( November 23rd ).
As far as the cultural extraction is concerned, from which the inspiring source of the whole project derives, it is almost impossible to establish whether it could be a pre-eminently jazzy material (as in the case of From Afar, From Last Frame), distinctly compositional ( for example ... toward… .backward !, Right Away) or strongly ambiguous (FIzzle, deed slow, whistle!).
In the same evening on the stage of the Sala Vanni ClarOscuro , the new line-up directed by the Puglia double bass player Matteo Bortone, winner of the Top Jazz 2015 as Best New Talent and already leader of the 'Travelers', a Franco / Italian quartet that moves between avant-garde sounds and rock atmospheres, according to a well-established layout and compositions halfway between songwriting and sharp improvisations. A completely different direction here, starting from the instrumentation: the trio plan.

In the penultimate round of AJS space at the Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra , or the resident orchestra of the Ferrara Club Ferrara ( 29 November ). The extensive staff, which provides for the possibility of turnover between various musicians, was born as a natural evolution of two educational projects (The Unreal Book and The Tower Jazz Workshop Orchestra), bringing these different experiences to a renewed strong synthesis of a more stable formation and a repertoire focused on original compositions and arrangements.
Entrusted to the direction of Piero Bittolo Bon and Alfonso Santimone, the elements collectively put their musical ideas into play with creativity and surprising empathy, performing scores designed for the orchestra itself and reinterpretations of pieces from various traditions. It is thus possible to define the TJCO as a horizontal experience with a variable dimension and a participatory regime. Each more or less stable member of the staff, as a composer and improviser, contributes to all-out research that is typical of the artistic attitude of this formation. Being able to give life to such a project, included among the ten best groups of the year at the Top Jazz 2018 of Jazz Music, the Jazz Club Ferrara confirms to be among the most enterprising clubs on the scene not only national but European.

The third edition of AJS "Maps for Eden" closes , a musical research project that unites two of the most significant groups of the Italian jazz scene of the last twenty years. It is in fact a fusion between Dinamitri Jazz Folklore and Open Combo, two groups that, in addition to sharing some of their own musicians, share the same approach to research, favoring the social nature of musical practice ( December 6th ). "Eden" reconstructs and re-elaborates the path of musical evolution from the origins of man, revealing that red thread that connects music of peoples and epochs apparently distant from each other.
Drawing inspiration from Cavalli Sforza's studies on the genetic and linguistic drift, then applied by Grauer (a student of Alan Lomax) in the field of music, and admiring those genetic, linguistic and musical maps that draw the movements of primitive populations, revealing unexpected links between cultures and peoples at the antipodes of the world, we considered it necessary to reflect on the contemporary world and on how today's migrations can be reconsidered in light of the positive sign given by any encounter and exchange of cultures, without ever forgetting that humanity can always live united in their cosmic journey on this planet. Event proposed in collaboration with Music Pool.

A JAZZ SUPREME - third edition

Sala Vanni, Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence

Concert starts at 21:15
Subscription (limited availability) 65 € + dp
Piazza del Carmine: free admission
Sala Vanni: numbered tickets in advance € 13 + dp // Tickets numbered whole at the door € 20
Tickets reduced 20% at the door (if available) for Arci members, Coop members and under 25
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