Music from the worlds with Mario Ancillotti and Lorenzo Micheli

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Address: Piazza del Carmine14 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 08 November 2018


Music from the worlds with Mario Ancillotti and Lorenzo Micheli

On November 8th, "Suoni riflessi" is a musical journey across Europe with two exceptional soloists such as Mario Ancillotti on flute and Lorenzo Micheli on guitar. Music of Villa Lobos (Brazilian), Castelnuovo Tedesco (Florentine national US), Takemitsu (Japanese), Piazzolla (Argentine) and Ravi Shankar (Indian).

«Two instruments, the flute and the guitar, with a popular but also intimate and sophisticated vocation, accompany us on this journey that will wind through sounds, harmonies, new rhythms of Brazil and India, between the meditations of Takemitsu and the neoclassical looks of Castelnuovo German and Piazzolla ".

This is how Mario Ancillotti, director of the festival "Suoni riflessi" and renowned flutist, summarizes the musical itinerary scheduled for the 5th edition of the Florentine music festival, which sees him starring alongside another exceptional soloist such as Lorenzo Micheli on guitar. The concert, entitled "Music from the worlds", will take place on Thursday 8 November at 7 pm at the Sala Vanni in Florence (Piazza del Carmine 19) and will begin with Distribuição de flôres ( Distribution of flowers ) by Heitor Villa Lobos (Rio de Janeiro) 1887 - 1959): «a hot and humid evocation of the Amazon forest - writes Ancillotti - in which the great flowers are born».

Followed by a "far from the world" music: the Sonatina op. 205 by Enrico Castelnuovo Tedesco (Florence 1895 - Beverly Hills 1968), whose 50th anniversary of death is celebrated this year: composer who "lived in America, admired by Toscanini and by all the great musicians who were forced to leave 'Europe for the racial laws, and was a fertile musician, cultured and refined and endowed with a rich and flowing melodic vein ... ». The third song in the program is Toward the sea ( Towards the sea ) for alto flute and guitar by Tōru Takemitsu (Tokyo 1930 - 1996), which is inspired by Melville's Moby Dick , but emphasizes its spirituality and transposes it into an intimate dimension and meditative.

Then it will be the turn of the Histoire of Tango ( History of tango ) (Bordel 1900 - Café 1930 - Night club 1960), one of the most famous compositions of Astor Piazzolla (Mar del Plata 1921 - Buenos Aires 1992), "the man who - recalls Ancillotti - has revolutionized the tango, giving it new life and nobility. The rhythmic language, the strongly dramatic and passionate spirit, the vivid colors are the fundamental elements to which it is inspired to create compositions "almost" classical for structure and elaboration ». Finally, as a final piece, Ravi Shankar's Enchanted Dawn (Varanasi 1920 - La Jolla 2012), "a fundamental figure in the spread of Indian classical music in the West" - emphasizes Ancillotti - is scheduled. His extensive background in Indian music, combined with his exposure to Western society, has led to a style of composition that embraces elements of both cultures ". Shankar explored the fusion between India and the West and was attracted by the combination of flute and harp, later replaced by the guitar.

Full ticket 12 euros, reduced 8 euros. Who has the card of Rete Toscana Classic has the right to a reduction. Tickets will be on sale about half an hour before the start of the shows at the Sala Vanni box office (Piazza del Carmine at number 19). Reservations at tel. 055-699223.


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