William Basinski and Lawrence English

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Address: Piazza del Carmine14 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Wednesday 20 March 2019


Wednesday, March 20 third appointment with Disconnect

William Basinski and Lawrence English

In Sala Vanni two heavyweights of musical and artistic experimentation for a new concert inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy

Here comes the third appointment for Disconnect, the exhibition dedicated to sound experimentation and new visual languages, the result of collaboration between Musicus Concentus and Disconnect.

After the sold out three years ago, Wednesday 20th March, William Basinski, the American composer who inaugurated the art of loop as an autonomous expressive element , returns to the Hall. Together with him, Lawrence English, another guru of experimental music who is especially attentive to the concept of perception (beginning of the concert at 9.15 pm).

The paths of the two artists have crossed several times giving life to Selva Oscura , their first work together released in 2018. On the record Basinski's meditative melancholy combines with English's physical and mathematical approach, in two tracks in which dynamism and sound density are carefully modulated and reduced, so as to create a deep and limitless sound field. The title Selva Oscura refers to Dante's work and has a double meaning: on the one hand it is a metaphor for the wandering lives of the two, on the other it is an invitation to lose one's way and one's time, immersing oneself in the disorienting flow of unearthly music.

William Basinski
is one of the first protagonists of experimental music and sound art of the last thirty years. A composer with a classical background based first in New York and then in California, he developed a very personal expressive language that influenced an entire generation of artists.

His soundscapes are most often generated by obsolete analogue technologies and magnetic tapes and explore the temporal nature of life and the mystery of time, changing their perception through the extensive use of the loop technique. The work that most recalls is the quadrilogy The Disintegration Loops (2002-2003), in which the natural process of decaying magnetic tapes is reconverted into an expressive element. Three years ago in the longest Italian tour of his career the artist presented an unpublished live set entitled "A Shadow In Time", inspired by the memory of his friend David Bowie, who committed suicide that same year.

Lawrence English
got involved in sound art, soundscaping, video art and multimedia, he worked as a curator of exhibitions and festivals and made installations. Eclectic and well-rounded artist, always a great experimenter, he published his latest solo album "Cruel Optimism" in 2017, presenting it for the first time in Italy in Florence for the Disconnect review. Over the years it has increasingly investigated the concepts of perception and memory and analyzed the impact of sound on the interactions between living beings. With his performances he invites the participants to consider the relationship between place and body, evaluating the relationship between exteriority and interiority.

The Disconnect program will end on Tuesday 30 April with the grand finale at the Puccini Theater, in which the digital trance of Amnesia Scanner will be the protagonist. For more information http://www.musicusconcentus.com .

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Sala Vanni - Piazza del Carmine 14, Florence

Puccini Theater - Via delle Cascine 41, Florence

Beginning of Sala Vanni concerts at 9.15 pm

Sala Vanni: reduced ticket presale € 13 + dp // Full ticket at the door € 20

Puccini Theater: tbc

Reduction for the Sala Vanni: 20% at the door for Coop members, under 25 and Arci members - Tickets available on the Circuito Box Office Toscana and TicketOne

Reductions Teatro Puccini: tbc


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