The second son of God

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Address: Via Cesare Battisti 24 , Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Thursday 14 September 2017


Thursday 14 September 2017

Start at 9 pm

Library of Sesto Fiorentino, Sala Giovani

(Library Square, 4)

The Salotto Conti will discuss the book:

The Second Son of God. Life, death and mysteries of David Lazzaretti, the last heretic

Simone Cristicchi

Publisher: Mondadori
Necklace: Magnification
Year of issue: 2016
Pages: 240
EAN: 9788804664383

"Whoever wants to understand me does not understand, whoever understands little will understand, men will have a good say and make calculations over me, I will be a mystery to them incomprehensible."

"Antonio Gramsci, about Lazzaretti, spoke of" altered states of consciousness ". For Cristicchi there is above all the mysterious charism of a caretaker who has become the chief people " - Alberto Riva, The Republic of Friday

Simone Cristicchi recounts the incredible story of David Lazzaretti, the Christian mystic and heretical who founded the jurisprudential Church at the dawn of the first Republican instincts in Europe. After telling the fantasy of the fools, the tragedy of Italian soldiers in Russia and the genocide of Istria's Italians, the Roman cant-actor brings to light a wonderful and engaging story, full of utopia and spirituality, dirty with blood and mysteries to be clarified, in the role of Antonio Pellegrini, the military who fired at the Christ of Aniata. David Lazzaretti was born in 1834 in Arcidosso, a native of Tuscany, a stepmother and mother, a land of indigence and exploitation, closer to the Middle Ages than to the Renaissance. Barber for necessity, as a boy was attacked by fevers and mystical visions that led him to elaborate a very personal spiritual path in the bosom of the Catholic Church. The symbol of his mission was formed by two C opposed to the cross in the middle, the announcement of a new Christ coming. His preaching appealed to thousands of people between Tuscany and Sabina, in a harmonious coexistence of the first Christian communities in which solidarity, equality and education were the foundations, and joint work was a means of raising the spirit. While on the one hand he was persecuted by the Law and considered a subversive fool, on the other hand, the "man of the mystery" conquered followers and protectors among noble, intellectual and high prelates - even in France, where his books were published - enjoying the support both of Don Bosco and Pius IX. But his Messianicism alerted both the Church of Rome and the newborn Italian State. On 18 August 1878 the bullet of a carabiniere ended its existence.


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