HOLY MAGIC in-contra Wagner ☆ SalviAmo La Musica Festival

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Address: Via di San Salvi, 12, Florence

Date: Saturday 3 August 22:00


La Chute ass.culturale

HOLY MAGIC in-contra Wagner
• the first Wagnerian show without Wagner's music •

free admission, free contribution

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The first Wagnerian show without Wagner's music

This is the first Wagnerian show without Wagner's music. Not a concert, not a theater, but an event. A non-random occurrence, the case does not interest us, if anything we refer to the moon. An event dedicated to the moon therefore. If you are curious, follow, otherwise drink and forget.
If you go in search of lightness you have the wrong place and address.
There is therefore no lightness, nor truth. Only words and music of maybe.

Holy magician in-contra Wagner
Ivo Minutes Alice Chiari MAGO SANTO
Andrea Zingoni
Alvaro Buzzegoli
Laura Cioni
William Pagano
Duccio Tebaldi

Ivo Minuti Alice Chiari HOLY MAGO return to La Chute's summer space in the garden of San Salvi for “Salviamo la musica”, a festival in its third edition that the cultural association La Chute organizes for the Florentine Summer in the former mental hospital in Florence collaboration with Chille de la Balanza.

Not a concert, but an event, far from the distinction of genres, against lightness as a value and a prize towards which to aspire, and - always - against the wear and tear of modern life. It is in this territory that Mago Santo in-contra Wagner, that Wagner great promoter of the Wort-Ton-Drama, of the total work of art.

In an age of industry specialists, such professionals, Santo Magus pursues the path of imagination, and stages an action made of music, words, images, movement:

"It would seem really strange to me that the sound could not suggest color, that colors cannot give the idea of a melody and that sound or color may seem unfit to translate ideas. All things are expressed in a universal analogy, from the day when God created the world as a complex and indivisible totality "(Ch. Baudelaire)

On stage with Mago Santo (Ivo Minuti and Alice Chiari) the now "family" Andrea Zingoni and Alvaro Buzzegoli (NoN) and Francesca Ciullini, to which Laura Cioni, William Pagano and Duccio Tebaldi are added for the occasion

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