14th edition of "Ciak sul lavoro"

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Address: Via dell'Ulivo, 6, 50122 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 15 May 2019


From May 7th to 29th the 14th edition of the exhibition, scheduled at the Spazio Alfieri (via dell'Ulivo, 6)

The 14th edition of "Ciak sul lavoro" kicks off

The exhibition, organized by Filcams Cgil and Associazione Anémic will propose six recent titles, related to the world of employment

Departure Tuesday 7th May at 9.30pm with Antonio Morabito, director of "Forgive us our debts" guest in the hall

Tuesday, May 7th will start with the screening of " Forgive us our debts " by director Antonio Morabito , which will be present in the room, the 14th edition of "Ciak sul lavoro ", a film festival organized by Filcams Cgil and Associazione Anémic , in collaboration with Spazio Alfieri (via dell'Ulivo, 6). The event, scheduled until May 29 , will propose six titles, all related to the theme of work, supported by the direct testimonies of the respective authors, and protagonists, called to meet and dialogue with the audience in the hall.

Says Gabriele Rizza of Anémic Association: "Between intrusive crisis, social unease, cultural impoverishment, retirement age and youth unemployment, insecurity and uncertainties, exploitation and incangchiatura, the picture reflects the" state of health "of our society, modifying on the one hand the power relations between capital and labor, and collapsing on the other on a "new" model of development that goes beyond the real economic emergencies and that in the end certainly is not alternative. Rather".

"The Filcams CGIL of Tuscany and Florence therefore support the film festival" Ciak sul Lavoro "because the cinema that talks about work does so through stories and languages that help better understand and increase awareness, solidarity and collective consciousness, tools necessary to defend and improve the rights and dignity of workers and workers, the goal and mission of Filcams and the CGIL " - declares Cinzia Bernardini, general secretary of Filcams Cgil Toscana .


It begins Tuesday 7th in the presence of the director Antonio Morabito with Put us to our debts , a preview for Florence and the first original Italian film produced by Netflix, which sees among the protagonists the award-winning couple Marco Giallini and Claudio Santamaria . Almost a moral tale that is divided between cynicism and survival instinct, between public and private, home and work, against the background of a dark and difficult to recognize Rome. Morabito favors claustrophobic atmospheres, dark scenes and a desaturated photograph, which frames the lost souls of this Dante's circle. Metaphorical film, a story suspended between the grotesque and the absurd mishaps of reality, a noir reflection that reduces the contemporary world to an infernal undergrowth of corrupt powers, dominated by the tyranny of money. And where the question of free will makes its way.

On Wednesday the 8th , guest director Jacopo Quadri , it is up to Lorello and Brunello , or Biondi twins, farmers of a bucolic utopia besieged by the global market that live and cultivate their farm in Pianetti di Sovana, in Maremma. In four parts, from summer to spring, the film follows its lives for a year, to milk and watch, with the threat of wolves that are repopulating the spots, the dawns, the dust, the fences, the hay, the deaths and births, animals. The heat, the drought, the night. The weather. Loneliness. A film about work, the land, the seasons. Ancient and precise gestures, obstinacy and despair, anger and passion. In filigree, Quadri faces the crisis of rural society and material culture, narrates his dictatorships and his resistant, questioning the power of the great industrial machine. Documentary in perpetual motion that never ceases to move the clods and "question" its protagonists.

On Tuesday , May 14 , accompanied by the author, it will be the turn of Valerio Attanasio's handyman , a brilliant, modern and snappy example of that prince genre of our cinema, who was the Italian comedy of the Risi, the Monicelli, the Comencini. A bad comedy but not sour, comic but not farcical, brilliant but not humorous. A "linear" story, dense and rhythmic, compact in narration and light in performance. Supported by a quartet of actors in a state of grace (amazing the lawyer who knows about Sergio Castellitto 's latinorum). Tricomic mirror of the Belpaese, professionally knotted in the meshes of the "spintarella" and perpetually enveloped in the play of the recommendation and of the meeting. Of course for a good purpose.

Wednesday the 15th the Third Secret Collective of Satire lands with his first work Si muire tutti democristiani , from the clear autobiographical reference. For the three video makers involved in the film, who make social-themed documentaries, and painstakingly try to make ends meet, it's time for revenge: a doc for a non-profit judicial discussion, involved in a money laundering and fraud scam. damage to immigrants. What to do? Cynical and baro like fate, against the background of an Italy in crisis, which contrasts with the passions and dreams of which it feeds, the film constructs an ironic and sharp reflection on the contemporary situation of the Belpaese. The title mentions the first page of the manifesto of June 28, 1983, the day after the political elections.

On Wednesday 22nd there will be Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi to talk about their Put your grandmother in the freezer , a hilarious title for a bittersweet story, on the edge of absurdity, between misunderstandings and disguises, with Fabio De Luigi , Miriam Leone and Barbara Bouchet . Grotesque and crackling comedy about the difficulty of getting by at the time of the crisis with an Anglo-Saxon aftertaste, but that comes from a bitter reflection, in an exquisitely national context: the precariousness combined with the insolvency of the State that make the family welfare the only salvation anchor . First work by Fontana and Stasi, directors in their early thirties, who became famous thanks to some viral videos on the web and short films made for Sky and Sabina Guzzanti.

The closing of the review on Wednesday 29 is entrusted at the film Our battles by Guillaume Senez , presented at Cannes 2018 and prize of the public and Cipputi prize at the last Torino Film Festival, which will be presented by the screenwriter Raphaelle Desplechin . At the center of the film are work, the family, the union, solidarity. Values destined to clash with the troublesome reality of our times. Dazed husband, loving father, solidarity worker, lonely man, disappointed companion, Roman Duris imprisons in his face all the signs of restlessness and inadequacy. Senez runs with coherence and rigor, without frills and mother scenes. It follows the seasons of the heart and the rhythms of the day, intercepting the psychological nuances of the protagonists, with a dry style that combines the immediacy of Dardenne with formal precision.

Admission : € 4 ticket.

Information : Anemic Association www.anemic.it ; Spazio Alfieri www.spazioalfieri.it - tel.055 5320840


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