PHASE TALK - POP music after the 2000s

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Address: Via Genova 17 , Prato

Date: Saturday 19 January 2019


"POP music after the 2000s"
c / o Spazio Materia , via Genova 17/23, Prato
It is appreciated the presence of all the crews, collectives, groups, people and associations of Tuscany that deal with these things, in order to create a dialogue, often missed.

LOAD to TALK | 8.30 pm
DJ set + food + drink

SCREENING | 9:30 pm | free entry
Saturnalia - Documentary (20 '- shot and directed by Jacopo Farina , produced by the sound table Macao , Milan)

TALK | 22:00 hours | free entry
- Valerio Mattioli (editor Not , Prismo )
- Federico Sardo ( VICE Italy , Esquire, Resident Advisor )
- Alaric Mantovani ( Pangea RCDC )

The following genres will be covered: pop, techno, d & b, hd music, grime, house, southern hip hop, reggaetone, hardcore, footwork, trap, dembow, dubstep, dancehall, r'n'b, gqom.

In the last 10 years, with the developments of the latest avant-gardes, the worlds of mainstream and underground have never been so close and interchangeable: pop artists who are inspired by the new undreground world and underground artists who aim at the most commercial sounds. All of this is part of a journey, started with the birth of the Internet.
As Simon Reynolds said, in the 90s, hardcore music was only for musical purposes, for passion, as opposed to the so-called intelligent music (IDM) born in the same years, which were produced to enter the market. The opposite happens today. The saturation has brought IDM, techno, house and similar to the total homologation; emptying them from their origins. On the contrary, new musical forms have been developed that fight homologation through subversion, deconstruction and respect for the present as the only temporal form.


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