ARS BELLICA with Alessandro Riccio

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Address: via della Funga 27/b, sotto il Ponte del Varlungo , Florence

Date: Friday 25 November 2022


9.15 pm Review of contemporary circus The Force of Attraction

ARS BELLICA with Alessandro Riccio - Joe Manganas - Giorgia Tomasi

One day even the war will bow to the sound of a guitar.

"Ars bellica" is a pantomime show, without a single word,

enthralling, full of hilarious and unexpected situations .


Alessandro Riccio - Joe Manganas - Giorgia Tomasi


A young beardless scion is forced by his very strict father to leave for the Crusades. Given his total inexperience in the affairs of war, he is entrusted to an expert squire with a great command of battle: his body is the very test of the tests he has faced; with only seven fingers, scarred, without an eye, lame and battered, his appearance contrasts with the soft, limp pallor of the young man. The two also differ in character: one dedicated to battle, the other totally enraptured by the art of drawing. A long training will force the two to get to know each other and clash several times.

“Ars bellica” is a pantomime show, without a single word, comical, enthralling, full of hilarious situations and unexpected ideas. Giorgia Tomasi, in the role of the goddess of war Athena, will explain mechanisms, curiosities and anecdotes of the most famous battles, helping us to reflect on the presence of war in the history of the human being.

Alessandro Riccio, master of comedy and characterization, tackles without a single word, in a clownish style - using gramelot and ancient incidental music - to go beyond the limit of the word as a communication tool.

After staging with the same pantomime style "Baroque Festival" (a turnaround of situations typical of the Baroque) and "Magnifico Lorenzo" (which narrated the deeds of the great Florentine gentleman), Riccio continues in this sort of trilogy the great eras of past, turning its attention to the Middle Ages.



Florentine actor and director, active in the Florentine territory with multiple theatrical realities (Teatro di Rifredi, Teatro Puccini, Teatro Romano di Fiesole, Teatro di Antella, etc.) staging mainly shows written by himself. Multifaceted and transforming actor, he has been collaborating with the Orchestra della Toscana since 2016 with shows distributed by the Toscana Spettacolo Foundation. Known to the general public for the festival "IL MESE MEDICEO" which he conceived, for 10 years he took the public to non-theatrical places to tell the stories of the characters of the great Florentine dynasty.


Young Florentine actor who trained alongside Gabriele Giaffreda for whom he also collaborates as assistant director. He has been teaching acting courses for children and teenagers for years.


Chapiteau space; Tickets: € 12 / € 10 / € 6; age: 10+; duration: 70 '; genre: Theater

The exhibition "The force of attraction" is organized in collaboration with Cirk Fantastik !, with the Fuoricentro project, with the contribution of the Cr Firenze Foundation and Casa SPA and with the Circonnection project, with the contribution of the MIC.

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