Yebarov Fanfare Orchestra - Balkan

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Address: via della Funga 27/b, sotto il Ponte del Varlungo , Florence

Date: Saturday 20 August 2022


AT 21:30

Fourteen musicians who beat, play, sing, strum street music in the style of Balkan brass bands. Between tradition and modernity, the group interprets the melodies of the most famous brass bands. Drawing on a fast-paced rhythm with this popular and poignant sound of oriental music with gypsy and oriental accents, Yebarov amazes, delights ... but most of all it brings people together. In the street as in the dark rooms, let yourself be surprised by this lively mix, from this Balkan powder keg.

Guillaume Boujon: Percussion

Jean Paul Leca: Percussion

Denis Schwob: Helicopter

Sébastien Berger: Helicopter

Olivier Gillia: trombone

Francois Torrecillas: trombone

Marion Livoti: tenor saxophone

Marion Dousse: alto saxophone

Marielle Malfante: soprano saxophone

Christophe Brun: lie

Alexandre Fiat: trumpet

Bernard Cartoux: clarinet

Céline Prime: singing the clarinet

Frédéric Veler: singing the tuba

The show is included in the @estatefiorentina program and was co-financed by the European Union - European Social Fund, as part of the Operational Program Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020, is included in the program of Fuoricentro - Urban Tales third edition, a project carried out in partnership with Aria Network and Fa.RM - Fabbrica dei Racconti e della Memoria, with the contribution of @Fondazione CR Firenze as part of the Cultural Participation Call and with the contribution of Casa SPA.

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