"Spagirya - Alchemy Plant" by Fabio Petani

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Address: via Palazzuolo 74ar, , Florence

Date: Friday 12 January 2018


Street Levels Gallery

"Spagyria - Vegetal Alchemy", Fabio Petani only show
Vernissage: Friday 12 January, from 17:00 to 23:00
Finissage: Saturday 3 February, from 14:00 to 20:00

At, Street Levels Gallery, Via Palazzuolo 74ar, Florence 50123

Exhibition curated by Matteo Bidini and Gianluca Milli
Texts edited by Alessandra Ioalè

Street Levels Gallery is pleased to present the first personal exhibition in Florence by Fabio Petani.

Since ancient times men have tried to recreate the vast plant kingdom in a comprehensible environment called hortus botanicus, suitable for the classification, research and study of plants and their medicinal properties. A kingdom whose living species, according to the alchemical thought, although being variously complex, base their vital dynamics on the concept of Trinity, which we could identify symbolically with the simple geometrical figure of the triangle. A triangle formed by three elements. Spirit, Soul and Body. Of their three alchemical symbols. Sulfur, Mercury and Sale. Of their three operative philosophical modalities. Life, consciousness and matter.

The creative personality of urban muralist Fabio Petani acts like that of a spagyric botanist of art, who wanders in everyday life as if he were inside an immense botanical garden looking for plants and flowers for his artistic creation carried out for some years on wall and on table. Closed in his study, Petani expresses himself by giving visual form to the alchemical principle defined by Paracelsus, Spagyria. Like a plant alchemist, it ferments, distills and incinerates to distinguish and divide the three elements, the three symbols, the three operative philosophical modalities of that primary triangle, which determines the form and substance of each type of plant. Sulfur,
contained in the essential oils of the plant, Mercury, contained in alcoholic substances transformations and the Salt, which represents the mineral nature of the plant. Then he removes them from superfluous waste for the purposes of his synthetic and personal figurative restitution of the message, and recomposes them by following a new harmonious order in a visual solution, which is at the same time a spagyric remedy for the eyes of the observer.

The elements are reunited in a new enhanced alchemical triangle, which we can trace in the substantial and formal structure of the works of Fabio Petani. Already starting from the chosen support on which to lay the brush, the wood of the artist does not cover the veins, symbol of the spirit of his work, which seems to circulate under the pictorial epidermis, thus restoring its vital sense.
The simple geometric figures are symbols of the logical consciousness, the soul that orders the composition within which the third and last element acts, the matter, the body of the plant or its flower. Each work, like a spagyric essence, compose a hortus novus, that of the Spagyric artist, a contemporary parallel to the ancient Medicean Garden of the Simple in close dialogue with the classical tradition, alchemical revisiting its chemical and botanical contents.

What is "Street Levels Gallery"?
Street Levels Gallery is an international gallery of urban art, the first place in Tuscany of its kind. A space that is partly an exhibition gallery and partly a creative hub.

Born in 2016 from the meeting between young artists and the Progeas Family, Florentine organizational reality of cultural producers. The aim of the gallery is to create an articulated space that is responsible for investigating and informing the various levels of interaction between art, the street, the public and the exhibition space, as well as being a meeting point for all young people Florentine creatives.
Street Levels Gallery is not limited to an exhibition space, but interacts with the urban fabric in a dynamic reciprocal exchange between the gallery and the street.

In collaboration withProgeas Family, it promotes urban art through projects, workshop workshops on the national territory.

For info and contacts: galleriastreetlevels@gmail.com+39 3392203607
+39 3473387760


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