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Address: Via Fabrizio De André angolo lungarno Aldo Moro , Florence

Date: Thursday 05 December 2019



The new tour starts at the FlorenceHall of Florence
of the most irreverent family on the web

Thursday 5 December 2019 - 9 pm
TuscanyHall (formerly Obihall) - via Fabrizio De André corner Lungarno Aldo Moro - Florence
Info tel. 055.667566 - 055.6504112 - - -

Who said that with the arrival of a child one no longer sleeps? Who said that the tension between fathers and mothers reaches 12 thousand volts?

If you are a parent or if the idea of becoming one is going through your head, come and see The Pozzolis Family, Thursday December 5th at the TuscanyHall in Florence (9 pm) for the debut of the new tour.

Tickets (seats numbered from 23 to 40 euros, including presale rights) are available in Box Office Toscana sales points ( ) and online at .

Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli, the most popular family on the web, are back with the new edition of their irreverent show “A-Live! Because surviving children is a laughing matter! ".

Enter the magical tent of The Pozzolis Family to experience the most liberating and extraordinary family experience ever: why the circus? Well, sorry, but what could be more circus than a parent? Acrobats! Who manage to survive between motherhood and work.
Tricksters! When it comes to inventing a dinner at eight o'clock in the evening and not shopping.
Contortionists! In the bed, looking for plausible positions to "rest" while those little angels crush your back with your knees.
Clown! To entertain children and laugh at ourselves, but above all ...
Tamers! Because every now and then, putting them in a cage would sarebb ... ah, can't you? "A-Live! Because surviving children is something to laugh about! ”Is a great show, produced by Vivo Concerti and Show Reel Factory, full of stand-ups, songs, variety numbers and spiritual rituals, which will allow the public to get carried away by Alice and Gianmarco in the "Pozzolis world" and being an active part of the performance.
A cathartic and above all comforting experience, because those who have children will feel understood, while those who do not have them will be able to exclaim: "thank goodness!"

The Pozzolis Family is the comic family of the web idol of the parents, a real group therapy dedicated to families. Composed of parents, Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli, and their two sons Giosuè and Olivia, they talk about their daily life and deal with issues related to the world of parenting with an absolutely truthful, ironic and irreverent tone, definitely far from the stereotypes of the "perfect family ". Born in 2016, The Pozzolis Family project, of which Alice and Gianmarco are authors, actors and directors, brings together an unstoppable success on the web: in 2018 they are first in the Top 10 of Italian Blogger Mothers on Instagram according to Blogmeter, while in 2019 they are the first Family Influencer according to Buzzoole. Even offline they are more and more established: after their first best-selling novel "A son and I said it all" (Mondadori, 2017), on April 9th 2019 they return to the bookstore with the new book "Love is multiplied" (Mondadori). In April 2019, Alice and Gianmarco make their theater debut with the first comedy show “A-LIVE! Because surviving children is something to laugh about! ”On three special dates in Milan, Bologna and Rome that sold out.

Info The Pozzolis Family

Info show
TuscanyHall (formerly Obihall) - via Fabrizio De André / Lungarno Aldo Moro - Florence
Info tel. 055.667566 - 055.6504112 - -

Tickets (including advance sale fee)
First sector 40 euros
Second sector 30 euros
Third sector 23 euros

Box Office Toscana (tel. 055.210804)
TicketOne (tel. 892.101)

Discounts and reductions
Children under the age of 5 enter free accompanied by an adult, in number of a / a child for each adult, but are not entitled to occupy a seat.

They can buy a specific ticket at the lowest price foreseen for the event and enter with a companion (who is granted a free entrance). Tickets can only be found through the sales points of the Box Office Circuit in Tuscany or by phone at 055210804 (paying by credit card). To access a suitable accommodation, the purchase of a generic ticket is not recommended.

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