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Address: 15 Via Villani, Florence

Date: Sunday 13 January 21:00 - 23:00


Hong Kong Express; Wong Kar-wai, 1995
(original language, subtitle Ita, 98 mn)

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Hong Kong Express is a 1995 film directed by director Won Kar-Wai. There are so many things that we would like to say that we find it difficult to proceed with order. Let's start with one, the director.
Won Kar-wai.

Wong Kar-wai is that director who you loved madly for that film, what was it called?
But yes, the one where she was there and he was coming down and going up the stairs in slow motion to go to buy the ravioli in the Chinese restaurant. Then at the end they fell in love and then at the end, he said something in a hole in a tree for no apparent reason, and there was always this music to go out of his mind.
Do you understand what we say? Yes sure. Now, if you liked that, consider that this is the first one, that your friend who knows how to pack it, will tell you: of course beautiful In the mood for love, but do you remember Hong Kong Express? And you will then pretend to have seen it. Oh, no! Very beautifull.
Here, Hong Kong Express is that movie there.
Another thing about the director then we go further. Wong Kar-wai we said is a Chinese director, even Hong Kong that is like a Chinese city, but with special status, blah blah, however, the point is that this director has done a little miracle, that is, he has agreed the public with criticism, which actually happens rarely. Because usually criticism and public do not get along, but rather despise. They all agree with the old Hong Kar-wai. For once in a while, since everyone is arguing and are pissed off from morning to night, they are all of love and agreement. It seemed like an important thing to say.
The film.
There would be a lot to be said about the film, but since we've been talking a bit about the director now, you're definitely not reading anymore. Let's say you will find a version of the song Dream of the Cranberries (that of the dolphin) redone in Chinese that will make you fly. Let's say that the film is shot almost exclusively at night, not so much because the director wanted to make a night movie, but because the director shot him in the spare time while he was shooting another film. It was like his plan B, only then it exploded in his hand and became a super worldwide success.
And no boys, we are waiting for you at Hostel Tasso for a glass of wine, a cocktail, a crouton, even if nothing goes wrong, we offer you a cigarette if you are put right to the barrel, but we want to end with a joke . There is another film by our beloved Won Kar-wai, one even before that, who really knows how to pack, will prefer to In the moood for love and this one here. Well yes.
The moral of the story is that there is always someone who knows more than you, even if you are the same Wong Kar-wai there will be someone who knows you better (his mother?), So in conclusion we are not too hard on ourselves we go to the cinema, we do our things. It's not cheap.
Fortunately, at this point no one is reading any more, we got carried away, ok, by recapitulating.

The Tasso Tasso bar opens at 6.30pm
The screening starts around 9pm.
Admission is free.


In Fuga Dalla Bocciofila is a collective of movie-maniacs and short-story writers, formed in Florence in September 2014.
Starting in November 2018, at Tasso Hostel, we proposed "Postcards" to a collection of movies set in cities all over the world.
Free entry. Bar opens at 6.30pm, movie starts at 9.00pm.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1093652630808052


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