If I were your shadow I would stretch to noon

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Address: via Giampaolo Orsini, 73, Florence

Date: Tuesday 3 December 21:00 - 22:00


Roberto Mercadini in
★ If I were your shadow I would stretch out at noon ★
Perfect history of the error

☛ Tuesday 3 December, 9.00 pm
The Affratellation Theater of Ricorboli,
Via Giampaolo Orsini, 73 / FIRENZE
Admission: € 15
Info and reservations:
tel. 370.3685093 - Associazione.mikra@gmail.com

All the stories I know, all the stories that come to mind seem to affirm the same thing. And that is that the error is the tail-beat of existence, the way in which it proceeds and a road is drawn in darkness.
Here I put together some of those stories.
I composed a hymn to the mistake that improves, to the loss that enriches, to the fall that rises, to the difficulty that gives wings to the feet, to the flaw that reveals itself - finally - a superior form of perfection.

This is an ancestral monologue and, at the same time, a historical monologue. What do you mean?
In the sense that it tells of how life on Earth appeared and evolved. But to each ancestral event narrated, then, connects a historical event, a character of the past (Galileo, Michelangelo etc.). Of course, some parallels might seem a bit risky, a little too acrobatic.

However, I believe, the stories are called among themselves. They touch each other. They throw one over the other light.

Indeed, perhaps every story is addressed to each of us; and wants to call us, touch us, enlighten us.

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