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Address: Circolo Teatro Affratellamento

Date: Friday 12 April 20:30 - 22:00


Who is Leonardo?

A genius".

Margherita Hack, Alber Einstein, Democritus, Stephen Hawking, Antoine Lavoisier and Ciro Saltimbocca (first man to have invented the wheel according to my wrong sources) are all geniuses, casually thrown into the same clever bag.

Let's face it, how comfortable is it to define someone "genius"? It is like a warm and soft refuge where you can hide your laziness.

"He could, because he is a genius", hides an equally loud "I can't". As if Newton really conceived the laws of classical mechanics because of a single apple. Einstein? Come on, but the formulas of relativity will have brought him to her in a dream the Blessed Virgin. What a lucky one. Recommended and fortunate.

The truth is that what we call genes are nothing but passionate human beings, tireless seekers of knowledge with an unimaginable amount of errors behind them.

Genes are simple human beings, sometimes fortunate sometimes profiteers, and as human beings they often conceal shocking skeletons in the closet.

Few people know of Darwin's "exotic" appetite, of Newton's alchemical practice crowds, of the embarrassing statements of distinguished Nobel prizes like Watson and Crick.

Human beings who have accompanied humanity by the hand through a valley that seemed dark, skidding and getting lost, running inexorably against the time that a single life has made available to them, and above all by saying a sea of bullshit.

They are all geniuses, but they are not.


All except Marconi. Marconi was an "idiot".

IN FLORENCE at the Teatro dell'Affratellamento in via Giampaolo Orsini, 73
Friday 12 APRIL 8.30pm

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The ticket price is € 15
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