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Address: via Giampaolo Orsini, 73, Florence

Date: Monday 27 January 21:30 - 23:00


Students of the PerBacco Adult Theater Course are waiting for you on Monday 27 January 2020 at 9.30 pm at the Teatro l'Arratellamento in Florence for a performance open to the public, the result of the work of the first months of the course, on the theme of "loss", a "Dark Forest" ", as Dante calls it to indicate the loss of the straight road, here understood as a forest where dream and reality, fears and illusions, come to life before our eyes, putting us to the test ...

It is said that two thousand years ago a huge jungle-forest covered the whole of Europe starting from Scotland and reaching Russia, Siberia and beyond the Pacific Ocean. As far as we know, no one has ever managed to get through it entirely. Our ancestors lived on the edge or in the clearings of this forest, a merciless forest, which however much man tries to remember, has always existed. It was an inaccessible place teeming with animals and millennial oaks. The memory of this forest still exists in the fairy tales that adults read to children: Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Hansel and Gretel ... This memory shows his anger in Prévert's poems and his golden mantle in the "Dream" of Shakespeare, while his caves inspired Plato and the myth of the cave ...
What would happen if one day you woke up in the Dark Forest? Who would you ask for advice? And if on that day you would finally have the chance to lose yourself, in whom or in what would you transform yourself?

Prologue: "There comes a time in life when you have to jump into the dark before seeing the light. It is a painful stage, often necessary. I would rather call it a great adventure. I don't remember where, I don't remember how and I don't remember when. That what I know is that I was not alone. Other people, whose name and even my existence I knew, were lost with me in a sort of limbo, which in our eyes took on the image of an enchanted forest, an intertwined forest of branches and stories, the grotto of an undergrowth, a dark forest from which we were unable to escape, let alone escape. This does not mean that we have not tried. "

"The clearest way to enter the Universe is through the tangle of a forest." John Muir

Curated by Maria Elena Gattuso
Director assistance: Roberto Cacini
Dramaturgy Assistance: Adelaide Mancuso

With monologues and scenes written and interpreted by the students of the PerBacco Adult Theater Course.

"The Dark Forest"
Monday January 27th from 9.30pm
Teatro l'Affratellamento - via Orsini 73 - Florence

Free admission

Info: 349 25 37 526 /

French company and school website:

Facebook: Compagnie PerBacco
Instagram: @comapagnieperbacco

Registration for the Adult Theater Course will reopen in the first two weeks of February. Info: 349 25 37 526 /

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