The Phantom of Canterville - end of year show

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Address: via Giampaolo Orsini, 73, Florence

Date: Sunday 23 June 21:00 - 22:30


The students of the PerBacco Adult Theater Course are waiting for you on Sunday 23rd June at 9.00 pm at the Florence Affratatation Theater for the year-end show: "The Phantom of Canterville" loosely based on Oscar Wilde's story Plot: What is there beyond death? More than three hundred years have passed since Lord Simon of Canterville passed away, but his spirit does not deign to leave the castle in which he committed the most heinous crimes, so that by now his descendants are used to them and decide to exploit its presence for economic purposes: part of the castle, including the ghost, will in fact be rented to a rich family from America, the Otis. Lord and Lady Canterville, not sure if the real ghost will show up or not, ask William, the butler, to play the part of the terrible Lord Simon, at least for a few nights. As it happens, the Otis family is skeptical and does not believe in spirits at all. All this arouses the ire of the true ghost, who decides to show off all his weapons to instill fear in the new arrivals, until he comes across the only daughter who seems to have respect for his condition: Virginia. The young girl, arrived in England with the sole purpose of meeting her future boyfriend reluctantly, one day discovers an ancient prophecy linked to the house: "When the dried up almond tree will flourish and an innocent creature will shed tears, peace will return to Canterville" ... Will Virginia be able to untie the knots that still bind Sir Simon to his home and help him move on? And what will you have to risk to succeed? A show that combines irony and lightness, drama and comedy in a story that still resonates and amazes, reflects, amuses and moves. With the students of the Theater Course Adults PerBacco Adaptation and direction: Maria Elena Gattuso Assistant director: Roberto Cacini Admission: 10 euros. Information: +39 349 25 37 526

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