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Address: Via Amelindo Mori 20 , Barberino di Mugello

Date: Saturday 27 April 2019


Jazz & Wine at Regina Margherita di Marcialla

On stage the jazz of Gabriele Mirabassi and Enrico Zanisi

Jazz music, Saturday 27 April 2019 at 9.30 pm at the Municipal Theater Regina Margherita di Marcialla (Barberino Val D'Elsa - Florence, Via Amelindo Mori, 20). On the stage we find the duo composed by Gabriele Mirabassi on the clarinet and Enrico Zanisi on the piano.

Fourth and final round of the " Jazz & Wine " event. That is, jazz music combined with wine tasting. Edited by Gianfranco Martinelli during the 2018/2019 season. In collaboration with Music Pool / Sound Network. Tickets: 12 euros full, 10 reduced.

Information: Music Pool 055 240397, Teatro Regina Margherita 055 8074348. Presales: 055 240397 - 055 210804. The show is part of the "AperiTeatro " initiative . That is, the Regina Margherita theater offers the Entertainment plus Apericena formula at a cost of € 15.00, together with La Botteguccia.

Gabriele Mirabassi and Enrico Zanisi are two musicians far from generation but close in sensitivity and origin. The desire to know each other and recognize each other, meet and clash through the freedom of improvisation and the rigor and attention to detail of classical music.

The sharing of some musical values that cannot be renounced: swing, harmonic sophistication, melodic richness, interplay. The point of arrival the choice of the repertoire: original compositions, standard by Cole Porter, lieder by Schumann, a sonata by Scarlatti, to declare belonging and identity with the certainty that changing the visual angles from which to observe the past is the most effective way to find new and surprising ways to go. The belief that playing jazz simply means trying to reach places where you have not yet passed.

Gabriele Mirabassi is one of today's greatest virtuosos of international clarinet. The projects in which he participated and the records he recorded mark a career with a heterogeneous musical spirit and multifaceted language. From jazz to Brazilian music there are many names of his collaborations including Richard Galliano, Stefano Battaglia, Luciano Biondini, Michel Godard, John Taylor, Steve Swallow, Enrico Pieranunzi, Roberto Gatto. In recent years, Mirabassi has greatly expanded its range of collaborations, knowingly expanding with courage to other areas of entertainment: in addition to its collaboration with Gianmaria Testa, it has collaborated with Erri De Luca, Barbara Casini, David Riondino.

Since his debut, Enrico Zanisi has shown the stuff of a musician capable of burning up the stages, the one to which the label of enfant prodige of Italian jazz was soon destined to stay close. For this reason, the solo plan by Enrico Zanisi seems to arrive at the right time, ideally inaugurating a new phase in the artistic career of this young pianist. It is difficult to find in such a young musician such an awareness of his own means and a musical personality already so defined, yet Zanisi has without a doubt both things.

The event is part of the new season of the Municipal Theater Regina Margherita di Marcialla which this year is accompanied by the slogan 'The beauty of being small but of thinking big'. A billboard that from November to April frames over thirty events including children's theater, Tuscan folk, contemporary theater and research, 0 km theater, jazz with wine tastings and band concerts. The complete program can be found at www.teatromargherita.org .

The artistic direction . Alongside the artistic direction of Gianfranco Martinelli (prose, other events and Jazz & Wine), we find Italo Pecoretti signing the container dedicated to the children's theater, while Ornella Detti and Laura Masini think of the Tuscan folk theater.

General organization of the cultural association "Marcialla", with the contribution and collaboration of the Municipal Union of Florentine Chianti, Municipality of Certaldo, Tuscany Region. The Jazz & Wine section is held in collaboration with Music Pool. Partner Radio 3 Network.

Information : The Regina Margherita Municipal Theater is in Via Amelindo Mori 20 • 50021 Marcialla - Certaldo (Florence) - Telephone and Fax 055 8074348 - www.teatromargherita.org - info@teatromargherita.org .


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