Ambra Angiolini with "La Guerra dei Roses"

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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Tuesday 08 January 2019


Tuesday, January 8 at 9.00 pm at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni in Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante, 23)

Ambra Angiolini on the stage of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni

with "La Guerra dei Roses"

Based on the novel by Warren Adler, Filippo Dini directs Ambra Angiolini and Matteo Cremon, investigating the most intimate chiaroscuro of love

Massimo Cagnina and Emanuela Guaiana are also on stage

Investigating the most intimate chiaroscuro of love, between comic and cruel, ridiculous and crazy, Ambra Angiolini and Matteo Cremon will be the protagonists of " La Guerra dei Roses " show directed by Filippo Dini , based on the novel by Warren Adler, which will be staged Tuesday, January 8th at 9.00 pm at the Teatrodente Carlo Monni in Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante Alighieri, 23). The representation is a production by Valerio Santoro for La pirandelliana in co-production with Goldenart Production srl (entry from 22 euros).

On the stage the diabolic Ambra Angiolini and Matteo Cremon , who interpret the Lady and Mr Rose, will be accompanied by Massimo Cagnina and Emanuela Guaiana, their doubles, in the role of their respective lawyers.

" War of the Roses ", a novel born from the pen of Warren Adler, is known to everyone for the famous 1989 film by Danny De Vito with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. It tells of the slow and terrible separation between the spouses Rose: he rich and ambitious businessman, proud of his successful career, she, obedient wife, but never discharged, who accompanied him in his brilliant ascent, with love, deep esteem and a pinch of fascination for small or large comforts, which their daily life was conquering. All this in an atmosphere of deep love and sincere passion, within a pink and perfect frame. But all of a sudden, something breaks, breaks against the stumbling block of her professional failure. All their life spent together, is completely rewritten and reinterpreted by her, her mature awareness strengthens her and spurs her, with a ferocity worthy of a great heroine, to lash out on her beloved, now responsible for her failure to affirm, in a crescendo of malice, anger and mutual atrocities, to the extreme consequences.

The director Filippo Dini declares - "The greatness of love is expressed in this comedy through its end. Adler confronts us with one of the most powerful and extraordinary human deflagrations: the separation of a man and a woman who shared a great love. In the world there is no more shocking expression of the power of the human being, not by chance the title compares it to a war, and not only, to one of the bloodiest wars in English history, a war born in "home" precisely, the war between two branches of the same family, the war of the two roses. The staging tells the story of a war, two sides, and deliberately chose to entrust all the characters to only four performers, two men and two women, in the field to fight for their legitimacy on this planet. Mr. Rose and Mrs. Rose and their doubles, who interpret their respective lawyers and other characters in which the protagonists meet, as in a dream that will not have a happy ending, will amuse us to tears for their comedy and will torment us in the deep, since they will reveal in a more or less conscious way our inner failures to understand the "other", the opposite, within ourselves. The real war, perhaps much more bloody, will take place within us, in perceiving victims and perpetrators within our unresolved halves, buried in the bowels of our consciences. Adler helps us, with a smile, to face this war, with courage and lightness. And perhaps it will allow us, therefore, to reach out to each other, to invite us out of that "home" and to go towards an "outside", to a future in which man, even before the woman, will return to being able to understand, accept, dialogue with his intimate femininity offended and defaced often in each of us ".

The prose season (available on the website ) will continue on January 22nd with " Piccoli crimini conjugal" show between highs and lows on the swing of the wedding, where the life of the two protagonists is consummated : Anna Bonaiuto and Michele Placido , which also signs the direction.

Info and reservations : Tickets available in all Ticketone sales points, on and at the theater ticket office. Reservations at 055.8940864 - /



A shuttle service is available upon reservation, from Florence. Interested spectators must book by 17.00 on the day of the show by calling the ticket office. The service is offered thanks to the kind collaboration of the Popular Brotherhood of San Donnino.

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During the performance of the shows you can take advantage of the baby parking service, organized in collaboration with Centro Iniziative Teatrali. You can bring your children with you and leave them to an entertainer / actor who will take them to the "Fair of Tales" on the third floor of the theater and entertain them with stories, fairy tales, theatrical activities and games. The service is free and available for children aged 3 years. Reservations are required within two days of the show date.

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