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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Tuesday 05 February 2019


Tuesday, February 5 at 21.00 at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni of Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante, 23)

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Vittoria Belvedere and Michela Andreozzi are "Daughters of Eva" in the first Tuscan on the stage of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni

Daughters of Eve is a story of solidarity all female in which three women come together to take revenge on the same man.

The show, in the first Tuscan, is written by Michela Andreozzi, Vincenzo Alfieri with Grazia Giardiello, directed by Massimiliano Vado

Will be Maria Grazia Cucinotta , Vittoria Belvedere and Michela Andreozzi the protagonists of " Daughters of Eve ", a story of solidarity all female, in which three women come together to take revenge on the same man. The show will be staged in the first Tuscan on Tuesday, February 5 at 9.00 pm at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni in Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante Alighieri, 23). The performance, directed by Massimiliano Vado, is a Bis Tremila production (admission from € 22).

"Daughters of EVA" is the story of three women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, tied to the same man: a reckless politician, corrupt and double agent, mayoral candidate of the upcoming elections. There's Elvira, the handyman's secretary, Vicky, the betrayed wife a little naive and a little shrewd and Antonia, the university researcher with an uncomfortable syndrome of La Tourette who is helping the politician's son to graduate. The man in question, Nicola Papaleo, after having used them to get to the top, he downloads them in no uncertain terms: sends Elvira to jail for false accounting, abandons Vicky for a younger woman and sends Antonia to teach at Vibo Valentia because she has not made his son promote. The women, after an attempt at personal revenge that none of them manages to complete, even if they know each other very hard and detest a lot, come together to take revenge together. They engage a young, beautiful and naive penniless actor, Luca, and how three witches use all their tricks to transform him into "the perfect man", instructing him, arranging and preparing him to make him a strong political antagonist to destroy the cynic premier candidate right on the ground where he feels stronger: politics. A little 'Pygmalion, a little' Club of the First Wives, a bit 'Witches of Eastwick, Daughters of Eve is a story of solidarity, a reflection on the condition of women, forced to stand back but able, if provoked, to pull out ingenious resources and rallying by winning in the sprint.

"Daughters of Eve - we read in a note on the show - is life as we would like it to be. And even for what it is, because often, women, even when they want to take revenge, if they put together they can create wonderful things ".

The prose season of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni (available on the website www.teatrodante.it ), will continue on February 16 with " Marathon of New York" the show created by Teatrodante Carlo Monni in collaboration with Todi Festival that sees on stage the former champion world of long jump Fiona May and the actress Luisa Cattaneo in an all-female review of the text of Edoardo Erba, where the actresses run for the entire duration of the show in an imaginary path that celebrates a sincere friendship between obstacles, fatigue and sweat.

Info and reservations : Tickets available in all Ticketone sales points, on www.ticketone.it and at the theater ticket office. Reservations at 055.8940864 - biglietteria@teatrodante.it / www.teatrodante.it


Shuttle : shuttle service is available upon reservation, from Florence. Interested spectators must book by 17.00 on the day of the show by calling the ticket office. The service is offered thanks to the kind collaboration of the Popular Brotherhood of San Donnino.

Goodnight fairy tales

During the performance of the shows you can take advantage of the baby parking service, organized in collaboration with Centro Iniziative Teatrali. You can bring your children with you and leave them to an entertainer / actor who will take them to the "Fair of Tales" on the third floor of the theater and entertain them with stories, fairy tales, theatrical activities and games. The service is free and available for children aged 3 years. Reservations are required within two days of the show date.

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