You still loved me

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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Monday 04 March 2019


Monday, March 4 at 21.00 at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni of Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante, 23)

Simona Cavallari and Ettore Bassi on the stage of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni with "You still loved me"

The show on the theme of infidelity, from the text of Florian Zeller and directed by Stefano Artissunch, focuses on the feverish search for truth, between laughter, flashbacks, doubts and fantasies

To complete the cast Giancarlo Ratti and Malvina Ruggiano

Between laughs, doubts, flashbacks and fantasies will be Simona Cavallari and Ettore Bassi , the protagonists of " Mi amavi ancora ", a drama on the theme of infidelity that will be staged at 9.00 pm on Monday 4 March at the Teatrodenzio Carlo Campi in Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante Alighieri, 23). The representation, taken from the text by Florian Zeller and directed by Stefano Artissunch , also sees Giancarlo Ratti and Malvina Ruggiano on stage, and is a ArtistiAssociati production in collaboration with Synergie Theater (admission from € 22).

" You still loved me " puts the feverish search for truth at the center. She tells of Pierre and Anne, who after the death of her playwright husband discovers the notes of a comedy about a married writer who is in love with a young actress. Anne persuades herself that the text narrates the infidelity of Pierre and goes in search of the woman, her antagonist, without being able to reveal the truth or the illusion of the same: is the pain that the misleading or has finally opened her eyes? To answer this question, he appeals to Daniel, Pierre's best friend, who with a lot of sweetness tries to reassure her. Anne perseveres in her research and decides to contact the actress Laura Dame who is mentioned in the notes of her husband's comedy. He suspects she is the lover. The doubt is stirred in her and begins a febrile investigation. He scrutinizes the past, asks those around him, walks in a dangerous labyrinth. How much must the truth be sought? Flashback in unexpected situations, the viewer identifies himself in these characters in a search made of doubts and apprehensions, in which reality, imagination, fear, laughter and fantasy are mixed together.

The director Stefano Artissunch declares : "I do not often read a theatrical text and get moved [...] but I think that the fortune of this young author, winner of numerous prizes in France and in all the stages of the world, is a refined and excellent writing full of twists and full of humor, where the past and the present play hide and seek like truth and lies. Zeller places us in front of a few certainties and always raises many doubts as he writes in his notes: "can we really know the other, or does his face still remain, though familiar, a mask, a chimera, a Pirandellian reconstruction?"

The prose season of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni (available on the website ), will continue with March 16 with "Shakespeare in Facebook" , the original production of the Theater, directed by Andrea Bruno Savelli . The pièce, loosely inspired by Romeo & Giulietta and Otello in Neapolitan sauce, focuses on today's relationships through the magnifying glass of the social network, which has changed its balance.

Info and reservations : Tickets available in all Ticketone sales points, on and at the theater ticket office. Reservations at 055.8940864 - /


Shuttle : shuttle service is available upon reservation, from Florence. Interested spectators must book by 17.00 on the day of the show by calling the ticket office. The service is offered thanks to the kind collaboration of the Popular Brotherhood of San Donnino.

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