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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Saturday 12 January 2019


Friday 11 and Saturday 12 January at 9.00 pm at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni in Campi Bisenzio (piazza Dante, 23) a production of Atto Due and the Sine Qua Non Association

The two-part monologue "Ite missa est" on the stage of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni

Mauro Monni and Andrea Mitri in the role of a priest and an ex-footballer who evoke memories of the past, from Rome to Buenos Aires, to better explain our present. Two apparently distant characters, two men, two destinies that cross each other.

Directed by Jean Philippe Pearson

From the Vatican scandals to the Argentine dictatorship, against the background of the 1978 World Cup: it will be " Ite missa est ", a two-part monologue between a priest in a spiritual crisis and an ex-footballer, the show that will go on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 January on stage at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni in Campi Bisenzio (piazza Dante, 23). The pièce, starring Mauro Monni and Andrea Mitri , directed by Jean Philippe Pearson , accompanied by a soundtrack from Pink Floyd's discography, is a production called Atto Due and the Sine Qua Non association (full € 14, reduced € 12).

A priest who says Mass and a man with a suitcase: these are two apparently distant stories, those that the two men tell. One is that of the IOR, the Vatican bank, starting from its foundation, in the aftermath of the Lateran Pacts, until 1986, at the end of the scandal involving Marcinkus, Gelli, Sindona and Calvi. The other is that of the World Cup in Argentina in '78, under the dictatorship of Videla, ended with the victory of Argentina, between games bought and compliant arbitrage. Faces, names and facts that resurface from the past, to discover that the link between the two events is not so labile and that power always acts for its self-interest.

Thanks to the "cinematographic" direction of Jean Philippe Pearson, the two monologues of Mauro Monni and Andrea Mitri, are intertwined more and more, ending up telling the story of a common choice.

Explains Mauro Monni, author and interpreter : "The date to the Teatrodente Carlo Monni of Campi Bisenzio is in fact the first date of the 2019 tour, after its debut in 2017. It is a special show because we find two seemingly distant characters on the scene a friendship invented to narrate documented and really happened facts that make us understand something more than our present. I will be Don Dario, who in his last homily, recounts detailed facts about the history of the Vatican, while Andrea will take on the role of Jorge Carrascosa, a truly existent character, reporting on the World Cup, telling of a dictatorship and his renunciation being the captain of the National one ".

Admission: full € 14, reduced € 12.

Info : Teatrodante Carlo Monni, piazza Dante 23 Campi Bisenzio (Fi ) | www.teatrodante.it | T. 055 8940864

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