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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Thursday 14 February 2019


" Arthea" cultural association



(the theater in the stories of Raymond Carver)

with: Barbara Rizzo, Andrea Mitri and Letizia Sacco

and with the participation of Massimo Poggio

dramaturgy and direction: Alberto Di Matteo

Two couples of friends, at the kitchen table, with four glasses, a bottle of gin and a soda; It is a day of celebration, they drink and talk and do not know how and why they start talking about love. But, to paraphrase the title of a famous story by Carver, what exactly and truly we talk about when we talk about love?

This, in short, the starting situation of our show. From that famous story we made the starting point and the container of other stories taken from the texts of the American writer.

Come to think of it, Carver's characters constantly live this condition: they act, speak, tell about important things, or about normal, simple, everyday, even banal things, but they always seem to allude, more or less consciously, to something else, to something bigger, mysterious, absolute. And there is never a subtle sense of restlessness, a creeping vein of tension, as if at any moment the irreparable would happen.

Here then we explain the meaning of our bet: to seek, through our work, the theater in the stories of Raymond Carver; an all-contemporary, almost Beckettian theatricality, which has disturbing features, but which also contains an unpredictable and anomalous humor.

The stories of Carver are located in that horizon that is also ours, that of human beings of the 21st century, that of everyday life, of everyday life, made by the 'usual things'. On that same horizon the American writer has been able to leave traces of poetry, mystery, transcendence. Only that Carver, as a writer, is reticent, does not say everything, disseminates his stories of voids, holes, unexplained and unexplained things ...

It is up to us then, spectators and performers, at the theater, ultimately, to find the thrill of poetry and emotions in those everyday stories.


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