"Small marital crimes"

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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Tuesday 22 January 2019


Tuesday, January 22 at 21.00 at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni of Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante, 23)

The "Small Marital Crimes" by Michele Placido and Anna Bonaiuto on the stage of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni

Adapting the text of French playwright Eric Emmanuel Schmitt , Michele Placido directs himself and Anna Bonaiuto in a subtle game of the two-part massacre on married life

Between highs and lows on the swing of marriage, with jokes now loving and fierce, now ironic and sharp, the actors Michele Placido and Anna Bonaiuto will be the protagonists of " Small marital crimes ", a subtle two-voice slaughter scene Tuesday, January 22 at 21.00 at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni in Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante Alighieri, 23). The pièce, based on the text of the French playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, is adapted and directed by Placido himself (entry from 22 euros).

Among the imperceptible slips of the heart and overt betrayals the lives of the two protagonists are consumed: Gilles (Michele Placido) and Lisa (Anna Bonaiuto) are a couple like many others. For the past fifteen years they have been living a "seemingly quiet" family ménage. He, a writer of detective stories, is not really a great proponent of the life of two, convinced that it is a criminal association aimed at destroying his partner. She, a faithful wife, is instead very in love and afraid of losing her husband, perhaps seduced by a younger woman. A small domestic accident, in which Gilles, while maintaining his intellectual faculties intact, completely loses his memory, becomes the trigger for a subtle and destructive game of slaughter. Lisa's attempts to help her partner regain possession of her identity and their common experience become a bizarre, amusing and painful path, which confirms the suspicion of many that even the most close-knit pair is a couple of strangers. Gilles and Lisa will do their best to cancel the image of themselves that each has of the other, through surprising revelations, suspicious discoveries, but always unspoken, grudges, jealousies, misunderstandings never clarified, in a fight without exclusions of blows, sustained , luckily for them, from a great physical attraction that keeps them entwined.

"Schmitt's text - reads a note on the show - is a quick and dynamic verbal confrontation between the two protagonists, a succession of jokes, now loving fierce, now ironic now sharp, a clash that is generated where a great passion unexpressed looking for a way to let off steam. The bickering is necessary, vital. The incessant confrontation, the openly speaking of what has been perceived for some time, the clear and intelligible awareness of some truths and truths that are only intuited before are moments necessary for the life of a couple, to allow two people to grow together, to respect each other, to live together " .

The prose season (available on the website www.teatrodante.it ), will continue on February 5 with the triad formed by Maria Grazia Cucinotta , Vittoria Belvedere and Michela Andreozzi who will play three women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, linked to the same man , looking for female solidarity in the first Tuscan of " Daughters of Eve".

Info and reservations : Tickets available in all Ticketone sales points, on www.ticketone.it and at the theater ticket office. Reservations at 055.8940864 - biglietteria@teatrodante.it / www.teatrodante.it



A shuttle service is available upon reservation, from Florence. Interested spectators must book by 17.00 on the day of the show by calling the ticket office. The service is offered thanks to the kind collaboration of the Popular Brotherhood of San Donnino.

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