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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Saturday 09 November 2019


Saturday 9 November at 9pm at the Teatrodante Carlo Monni (Piazza Dante, 23)

Between songs and disguises, Veronica Pivetti inaugurates the prose season 2019-2020 of Teatrodante Carlo Monni with "Viktor und Viktoria"

The musical comedy, inspired by the homonymous film by Reinhod Schunzel, also features Giorgio Borghetti, Yari Gugliucci, Sergio Mancinelli, Roberta Cartocci and Nicola Sorrenti on stage

It will be entrusted to the bubbly Veronica Pivetti, with the musical comedy " Viktor und Viktoria" by Emanuele Gamba, the opening of the prose season 2019-2020 of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni of Campi Bisenzio. For the show, scheduled for Saturday 9 November at 9.00 pm (piazza Dante, 23), Pivetti will play a talented unemployed singer, who pretends to be a man to win audiences against a 1930s Berlin, in an exhilarating crescendo of pro quo, songs and disguises for sentimental plots with no holds barred.

Freely inspired by the homonymous 1933 film by Reinhold Schunzel, set in a Berlin stunned first by the glories and then by the misery of the Weimar republic, the provincial actress, Susanne Weber (Veronica Pivetti), arrives in town driven by hunger and in looking for writing. The encounter with a fellow actor, Vito Esposito (Yari Gugliucci) Italian immigrant, seems to change her life. The couple shares hunger, scenes and jokes and, in the end, they will also exchange sex and identity! Susanne sacrifices herself and becomes Viktor und Viktoria, that is an acclaimed and fascinating en travesti , acclaimed in all theaters of Europe. And while the political situation degenerates precipitously, Susanne will be forced to make her choices, sentimental and of life: will Susanne / Viktor be able to abandon herself in the arms of her unexpected love without having the choice prove fatal to her? On stage also Giorgio Borghetti, Yari Gugliucci, Sergio Mancinelli, Roberta Cartocci and Nicola Sorrenti.

Those who go to the theater can live a thousand lives and enjoy, therefore, more slowly than time: this is the meaning of " Time slows down " the title chosen for the new prose season 2019-2020 by Teatrodante Carlo Monni of Campi Bisenzio . Ten shows (until April 9) including two original theater productions , with the famous faces of the Italian actor scene, from Veronica Pivetti to Chiara Francini and Alessandro Federico , from Ettore Bassi to Elena Sofia Ricci , from Alessio Boni paired with Serra Yilmaz (in the roles of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza ), to Vanessa Incontrada and Emilio Solfrizzi, for a program that invites you to choose quality theater , including classic comedies and new bets.

The 2019/2020 season of the Teatrodante Carlo Monni is supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation , Chiantibanca , the Metropolitan City of Florence and the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio .


The prose season (available on the website www.teatrodante.it ), will continue with an open couple ... almost wide open! ", Tragicomic story of a married couple who are children of Sessantotto, written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame with Chiara Francini and Alessandro Federico (27/11); the extraordinary friendship between teacher and pupils, which has become a cult thanks to the masterly interpretation of Robin Williams, is at the center of " The moment in flight" by Marco Iacomelli with actor Ettore Bassi (14/01), while the Holocaust, investigated through psychoanalysis, between historical facts and personal vicissitudes, will be the theme of " Vetri rotti", Arthur Miller's drama staged by the director of Armando Pugliese with Elena Sofia Ricci (1/02). Alessio Boni will play the role of the errant knight " Don Chisciotte ", a great dreamer, flanked by the inseparable squire, the curious and exhilarating Sancho Panza, brought on stage by the Turkish actress Serra Yilmaz (11/02), while the couple Vanessa Incontrada and Gabriele Pignotta will be the protagonist of the overwhelming romantic comedy "I 'm sorry I'm in a meeting, can I call you back ?" (27/02), in which a group of forty-year-olds - a fairly grown up generation from being able to live pursuing success and career but not adult enough to be able to stop laughing and being ironic about itself - it is divided between personal ambitions and the need for affection, between drama and irony and the need to establish the net the difference between good and evil is supported by the show "Semi - Without infamy and without praise" , grotesque comedy for masks where the latter become a deformed mirror of vices and defects of living in the new millennium, directed by Marco Zoppello (27/03). Two new productions by Teatrodante Carlo Monni on the bill. The first one, " Odore di chiuso" , directed by Andrea Bruno Savelli, with the reduction and adaptation by Angelo Savelli , is taken from the homonymous novel by Marco Malvaldi, a nineteenth-century mystery that tells the story of Pellegrino Artusi, a gastronomic expert who becomes a phenomenal investigator thanks to the reading of a contemporary hero of his, Sherlock Holmes, entering the world of a nobility in full decline, which has no intention of giving up its privileges (24/01). The second, premiered , is " Inferno ", inspired by the life and works of the eclectic artist Antonio Manzi, born in Avellino in 1953 but a campigiano by adoption, who, after a tormented childhood, in parallel with the journey Initiative of Dante, he will live an extraordinary catharsis, up to exhibit his works at the Vasari Corridor in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (13/03).

Start of the shows at 9.00pm. For more information www.teatrodante.it .


Goodnight Fairy Tales

During the performances it is possible to take advantage of the baby parking service, organized in collaboration with Centro Iniziative Teatrali. You can bring your children with you and leave them to an animator / actor who will take them to the "Salone delle Fiabe" on the third floor of the theater and entertain them with stories, fairy tales, theatrical and recreational activities. The service is free and available for children from 3 years. Reservation is required within two days of the show date.


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