«Don Milani - Free choice»

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Address: Via Leonardo da Vinci 2r Firenze , Florence

Date: Sunday 20 January 2019





«Don Milani - Free choice»

The musical on the life of the Barbiana priest

At LE LAUDI THEATER (Via Leonardo da Vinci 2r - tel 055 572831 info@teatrolelaudi.it ; 366 2844676; www.teatrolelaudi.it ; whole 16 euros, reduced 14/12/10) Saturday 19 January 2019 at 9 pm (Replies Sunday 20 at 5.00 pm) , the updated version of the musical "Don Milani - Libera scelta" , written, directed and interpreted by Rodolfo Banchelli and inspired by the school, in the way of conceiving the society and life of the Barbiana priest. On stage with Rodolfo Banchelli there are Cinzia Daloiso, Fabio Vannini on piano and the artists of Bottega dello Swing.

Rodolfo Banchelli does not construct the usual hagiographic text with the spotlight focused only on one of the most famous twentieth-century parish priests who worked in the native territory of Banchelli, between Calenzano and Mugello, but gives an unusual cut to the story: the point of view from which the story is told is that of the perpetual. It gives voice to a woman who has worked in silence is not known how to care for the boys of Don Milani, to clean up to cook ... a woman without a voice in reality, intent on sacrifice and work to give space to his prior. Instead Banchelli makes her sing, dance, share with Don Milani a dream: dance the Blues of the Blacks in the cotton fields, the dance of the last and, in the theatrical metaphor, the turns, the steps crossed the acrobatics are the sacrifices that she had to face all these years together with a revolutionary parish priest, isolated, but determined in his role.

Banchelli creates a cross - section of the Sixties, in which Italy is in the throes of consumerism and at the center of the so - called Italian miracle, but in reality with many unresolved problems on which Don Milani had focused his attention; in this context, through original songs and dances, the show aims to awaken the curiosity of the spectator and the desire to deepen a religious figure that is still very current.

Born and raised in Florence, Don Milani, who became prior, brings, as we know, his innovative school to the church of San Donato and Barbiana, giving education but above all an idea of free life, teaching many young children of peasants and workers the importance of the word.

Banchelli wrote this musical and all the songs inspired by the principles of a revolutionary priest, frank and direct, trying to lower himself in his way of thinking. The result is a moving and entertaining show, with melodies that embrace the heart, unusual and original dances, which are structured as an Italian musical comedy. The themes treated and criticized by Don Milani are anything but obsolete and his letters and books make us understand many things about our society: hence the goal of Banchelli, through music and dance (universal languages), to involve the new generations, the young people, the students, approaching them with a direct means, to the thought and the works of Don Milani. This is the strength and the message that Banchelli wants to give with this musical talking about an awkward, criticized, isolated man who has dedicated his life to teaching the most humble.

The author, director and protagonist of this show is Rodolfo Banchelli , multifaceted artist with three Sanremo festivals behind him, a past as an Italian, European and world champion of boogie woogie and rock and roll, an international character who sings and dances the swing in an excellent way . As a dancer he also made a video for Lucio Dalla and did choreography for the first video of Ivana Spain. He is also the protagonist of the semi-autobiographical film Rock & Roll . In the theater he participated in the "Opera dello sghinazzo" with the great Dario Fo. As a singer he won the festival of Castrocaro Terme and participated in two Sanremo festivals as a soloist and one as an author, with a piece written for Petra Magoni.

He was a guest at the " Maurizio Costanzo Show" and " Buona Domenica " with the historic group of Dennis & The Jets, with whom he sang all over Italy and made the CD " Tutta colpa" of rock and roll . Banchelli has also curated the artistic direction of clubs such as "Manila" and "055", where the Spandau Ballet, Litfiba, Carlo Conti, Giorgio Panariello, Leonardo Pieraccioni, DJ Stefano Noferini, have performed and have grown artistically. created the "Spadaro Prize", a festival that combines popular tradition with music with guests such as Narciso Paris, Riccardo Marasco, Riccardo Tesi, Beppe Dati, Mimmo Epifani, Lisetta Luchini.


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