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Address: Via Leonardo da Vinci 2r Firenze , Florence

Date: Sunday 11 February 2018


Le Laudi Theater and Futura Theater


National first

3-4 February

10-11 February




by Paola Riccora

Direction and re-elaboration by Vincenzo De Caro

to the


Under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence

Finally the return to the theater scene of the comedies of Paola Riccora, a forgotten playwright, thanks to the company Futura Teatro directed by Vincenzo De Caro.

Emilia Vaglio began writing in 1916 for the stable company of the Nuovo Teatro di Napoli as Paolo Riccora, to reveal very soon her true identity while retaining the pseudonym Paola Riccora . During the twentieth century, this Neapolitan dramaturgy found great success in all the major theaters of Italy and wrote for actors and actresses of considerable fame (including Eduardo De Filippo, Ettore Petrolini, Raffaele Viviani, Dina Galli, Erminio Macario and Paola Bourbons). After his death on February 26, 1976, he was incomprehensibly forgotten.

The company Futura Teatro directed by Vincenzo De Caro begins his three-year project of homage to the Neapolitan playwright Emilia Vaglio, aka Paola Riccora, with the staging of his works on 3 February 2018 (with replies on the 4th, 10th and 11th) at the Teatro La Laudi in Florence with the comedy "End of the month" written in 1937 on the explicit request of Raffaele Viviani and still very current because it faces the drama of the economic precariousness of many families who are struggling to get to the end of the month. The protagonist is an affectionate father, ready to sacrifice everything for his own creature: a bank clerk in disgrace, Salvatore Castronuovo ( Luigi Fiorentino ) tries to guarantee a modest but safe life to his family by buying everything on credit with extreme caution, calculating pay off debts every end of the month. When daughter Mariella ( Eleonora Cappelletti ), guest of an aunt in Rome, agrees to marry a wealthy young man, Salvatore is willing to interrupt his parsimony against the wishes of his wife Amalia ( Anna Collazzo ): every trace of squalor and misery must disappear from the house in Naples where the promised spouse will be visiting. Every month the debts increase but the father, although aware of not being able to pay them, continues in his project ... The work was also successful in Argentina where in 1945 - according to the chronicles of the time - was represented for 121 consecutive nights. Also different are the film versions, the most famous: "Wedding Day" of 1942 directed by Raffaello Matarazzo, with Anna Proclemer (then twenty years old) flanked by Roberto Villa (as a boyfriend); "End of the month" of 1963 under the direction of Claudio Fino, played by Nino Taranto and Regina Bianchi, and the Argentinian film "Fin de mes" of 1953, directed by Enrique Cahen Salaberry.


With this work, Vincenzo De Caro and the company Futura Teatro contribute to the recovery of historical-theatrical memory started with the book "Call me Paola Riccora" , published by Ilmondodisuk in 2016 and written by Mariagiovanna Grifi , research doctor in the history of show and direct descendant of the Riccora. The three-year project, in fact, aims to bring to light the work of this prolific and skilled writer, long incomprehensibly forgotten, thanks to the staging of three original comedies, represented several times and with considerable success in the thirties of the twentieth century, but never again presented in the theater.


Anna Collazzo

Luigi Fiorentino

Eleonora Cappelletti

Michele Cimmino

Patrizia Ficini

Fabrizio Pinzauti

Olivia Fontani

Tommaso Carli

Simone Margheri

Filippo Rak

Valerio Lombardi

and the special participation of Claudio Spaggiari

Music by Gigi Ragucci

Drawing Lights Lorenzo Castagnoli

Assistant director Claudio Spaggiari

Assistant director Valeria Sabatini

Fiamma Mariscotti costumes

Scene Vincenzo De Caro

Graphic Art Angelo Codolo

Photo Angelo Faiazza


Call the Theater from Thursday to Saturday from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 19 to 055 572831 or send email to .

Ticket price: 16 euros whole, 14 euros reduced.

Futura Theater

Tel. 3391633249



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