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Address: via Pietro Mascagni, 18 , Calenzano

Date: Saturday 13 April 2019


Daniela Morozzi at the Teatro delle Donne
with a text taken from Conrad's "Amy Foster"

Saturday 13 April 2019 - 9.15 pm - tickets 13/10/5 euros
Manzoni Theater - via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Florence)
Production of the Women's Theater

Freely inspired by Joseph Conrad's story Amy Foster
a project of and with

Text Valerio Nardoni and Daniela Morozzi
Directed by Matteo Marsan
Original music Stefano "Cocco" Cantini

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It is 1901 when Joseph Conrad writes "Amy Foster". Reading this sort of nightmare, the impression is that 118 years have passed in vain.

Freely inspired by the story, "Amy, the story of a shipwreck" is the show that Daniela Morozzi presents Saturday, April 13th at the Teatro Manzoni in Calenzano / Florence (9 pm - 13/10/5 euros tickets - pre-sales - info tel. 055.8877213 - ).

Yanko comes from the Carpathians and is the only survivor of a ship that has gone to the bottom of the coasts of England, with its cargo of emigrants crammed under appalling conditions.

At that time they were emigrants who wanted to reach America en masse from Eastern Europe, today they are Africans and Asians, perhaps even more hungry. but despair, scams, thefts, smugglers and shipwrecks are identical. How sadly alike are the bodies of children on the beaches and that feeling of annoyance (or do we want to call it hate?) Towards the stranger who shakes the values of the mortally fixed society in itself.

Yanko is beautiful, he knows how to work the land, milk the cows, he is religious, he learns English and even saves from certain death the granddaughter of a rich English landowner. Amy Foster, the "grulla" of the country, helps him. He falls in love with him and, against the will of everyone, marries him. Bring a child to the world.

But in the opaque community, Yanko appears as a pagan, a kind of sorcerer, perhaps a madman, most likely a demon. Certainly a foreigner. And that's enough to condemn him.

Out of foolishness, Amy Foster will save him; out of foolishness, he will let him die with his face in the mud. The story of Yanko is the story of a tenacious hope broken a thousand times, finally defeated and fallen, but which has rooted in the earth like a seed.

A violent story that happened a century ago in England, or perhaps here, here, tonight.

Written by Valerio Nardoni and Daniela Morozzi directed by Matteo Marsan, "Amy, the story of a shipwreck" is enhanced by the original music of Stefano "Cocco" Cantini, saxophonist, composer and well-known name of international jazz.

Women's Theater Production. Tickets from 5 to 13 euros, reductions for over 60, under 25, Coop, Arci, ATC members, enrolled in training courses, university students and residents in the municipality of Calenzano.

Advance sales online on and in the Boxoffice Toscana circuit sales points . Info and reservations tel. 055 8877213 - - .

Daniela Morozzi, discovered for the cinema by Paolo Virzì with whom she shoots Ovosodo and Baci e Abbracci, for ten years she was the protagonist of one of the most appreciated TV dramas by the public and critical for the District of Police, in the role of Vittoria Guerra and “Il Commissario Manara “To name just a few, he participates in Film and Fiction directed by many directors such as Margarethe Von Trotta, Antonello Grimaldi, Roan Johnson, Davide Marengo, Monica Vullo, Paolo Bianchini, Renato De Maria, Tiziana Aristarco, Gianluca Greco, just to name a few. After a long experience in the Italian Theatrical Improvisation League, he arrives at the theater of theatrical performances with theatrical tours throughout Italy and abroad. In the last two years he has worked on a permanent basis with the Saint Pauli Theater in Hamburg. It was directed by Augustus and Toni Fornari, Emanuele Barresi, Ulrich Wahler, Dania Hohmann, Matteo Marsan, Eugenio Allegri, Nicola Pistoia, Riccardo Sottili and others.
Creator and director of many shows, she developed her own particular musical-reading idea in some concerts, shows with great musicians, Stefano Cocco Cantini, Ares Tavolazzi, Francesco Maccianti, Piero Borri, Alda dalle Lucche, Susanna Berticcioli .. She teaches theater and improvisation theatrical with seminars and courses on the national territory. He collaborates with authors such as Valerio Nardoni, Leonardo Ciardi, Fabrizio Dall'glio, Sergio Pierattini, Augusto Fornari and Toni Fornari. For the past three years he has been working in conferences, schools and training courses with Dr. Irene Biemmi with a conference on the demolition of gender stereotypes starting from school and from school texts.
He won numerous awards including the Charlot Prize, the Ernesto Calindri Prize, the Sorelle Grammatica Award, the Fiumicino Contro award against all mafias.
Active in the social sector, he deals with problems related to the world of women, immigration and legality, often becoming the testimonial of great solidarity campaigns.

Valerio Nardoni (Livorno, 1977) deals with literature and literary translation, subjects he taught at various Italian universities. He edited an anthology of García Lorca for "Il Corriere della Sera" and, for the types of Einaudi, the collection of short stories While the women sleep by Javier Marías. He is the director of the foreign section of the Ciampi Prize - Red Suitcases, of which he is one of the founders.
Eclectic writer, he is the author of a novel, Capelli blu (Edizioni e / o, 2012), of a poetic collection, Senso di facile (Passigli Editori, 2014) and, with Leonardo Ciardi, of a theatrical performance Io, John Coltrane (2016 ). He is currently a professor of creative writing at the Carver School in Livorno.

Matteo Marsan (Florence, 1972) Born as an actor, he soon dedicated himself to directing and writing theater.
He directs the Alfieri Theater of Castelnuovo, in the Chianti area of Siena since 1997.
It approaches the popular tradition of the eighth rhyme through the Bruscello Shipyard in Castelnuovo and with David Riondino participates in the creation of the Academy of the Octave, curating seminars, meetings and performances.
He has been collaborating for years in the direction of artistic events in the context of "L'Eroica", an international level cycling event, for which, together with the actors Massimo Poggio and Gualtiero Burzi, he writes and interprets a tetralogy on the myths of two wheels.
In July 2014, together with the director Ulrich Waller (director of the St. Pauli Theater in Hamburg) and the director Dania Hohmann, he produced the show "Red Apricots". Italian-German project carried out on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the "Palazzaccio" massacre. The collaboration with U. Waller and D. Hohmann continues with the bilingual show "Amara terra mia" (played by Daniela Morozzi and Adriana Altaras)
In 2017 he was appointed artistic director of cultural events by the Municipality of Monteriggioni.

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Tickets, reductions and pre-sales
Full 13 euros; reduced 10 euros (over 60, under 25, Coop, Arci, ATC)
reduced 8 euros for university students (with student card)
reduced 5 euros (enrolled in training courses)
Residents promotion Municipality of Calenzano: 7 euros
Subscription 5 shows of your choice 35 euros - subscription 10 shows 60 euros
Presales : circuit and online
Theater ticket office starting at 18

Info and reservations
Manzoni Theater - via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Fi) -
Tel 055 8877213 /

THE THEATER OF WOMEN - National Center of Dramaturgy
Operational headquarters: TEATRO MANZONI
via Mascagni, 18 - 50041 Calenzano (FI)
055.8877213 - 055.8876581 - -

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