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Address: via Pietro Mascagni, 18 , Calenzano

Date: Saturday 06 April 2019


"What kind of men are you to pay for a woman's favor?"
Letters from closed houses, Elena Arvigo at the Teatro delle Donne

Saturday 6 April 2019 - 9.15 pm - tickets 13/10/5 euros
Manzoni Theater - via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Florence)
The Women's Theater
Letters from closed houses
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"But what men are you to pay for a woman's favor?"

This is the provocative phrase with which Senator Angelina Merlin challenged her male colleagues from parliament and the government who did not want to know about her bill to close the houses of tolerance.

In February 1958 the Chamber approved the Merlin law. To the nostalgic who today would like to reopen the "closed houses", it is good to remember that those places were real lagers, as documented by the letters that the ladies of the houses wrote to the senator so that, during the legislative process, she would not give up her intentions.

From those letters comes the show "The metaphysics of beauty - Letters from closed houses" that Elena Arvigo presents Saturday 6 April (9.15 pm) at the Teatro Manzoni in Calenzano (Florence), as part of the Women's Theater season.

The letters of the prostitutes to Senator Merlin were collected by Merlin herself and by Carla Barberis (Sandro Pertini's wife) and their authenticity is guaranteed by the originals, deposited today with a notary.

To write are mostly mothers full of hope and dignity, full of wonder and gratitude for those who are showing interest in their situation of "lost women", for those who, like Senator Merlin, are imagining a different and better future for them .

The show tries to define, also thanks to some artistic figures, the profound function that the whore exercises with respect to our idea of art, money and truth itself. Truth is not a light that illuminates the world with its splendid evidence but is the disruption of evidence. What we consider evident is not at all.

The brothel, writes Joyce, is the parody of the city, unbearable for all those who accept the truth only as order, norm, good, good. According to the tradition handed down by Pliny the Elder, Parrhasius of Ephesus has invented pornography, or, etymologically, the "painting of prostitutes". The whore is an image, a reflection whose intensity makes any instance that thinks it can be erased, as if it were a lie or a mistake.

Whores are the actresses of truth, a truth whose nature is above all pornographic. To persecute prostitutes therefore means persecuting the truth in the name of which the persecution itself is perpetrated.

This show is born from the desire to investigate the "pornography of truth" through the figure of the prostitute, focusing on the real story of the girls of "closed houses".

Women's Theater Production. Tickets from 5 to 13 euros, reductions for over 60, under 25, Coop, Arci, ATC members, enrolled in training courses, university students and residents in the municipality of Calenzano.

Presales online at and at the Boxoffice Toscana circuit sales points . Info and reservations tel. 055 8877213 - - .

MEETING - Friday 5 April at 6 pm, at the Biblioteca Civica di Calenzano (Florence) meeting on the book "Dear Senator Merlin: letters from closed houses". Free admission

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Tickets, reductions and pre-sales
Full 13 euros; reduced 10 euros (over 60, under 25, Coop, Arci, ATC)
reduced 8 euros for university students (with student card)
reduced 5 euros (enrolled in training courses)
Residents promotion Municipality of Calenzano: 7 euros
Subscription 5 shows of your choice 35 euros - subscription 10 shows 60 euros
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Manzoni Theater - via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Fi) -
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