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Address: via Pietro Mascagni, 18 , Calenzano

Date: Friday 21 December 2018


GIANFRANCO BERARDI is a finalist for the UBU awards as best actor for his
Hamlet take away

ELISA POL presents the solitude with the text of Lucia Calamaro

In ROMEO AND GIULIETTA by Beppe Salmetti and Simone Tangolo love sucks

GIOIA by Livia Gionfrida does not speak of joy but of pain, of the stories of Stefano Cucchi and others

ALESSANDRA BEDINO brings on stage the female characters of Pirandello

MASSACRO DEL CIRCEO relives in the writing of Filippo Renda and Elisa Casseri-Riccione 2015 award

NESSUNO is the monster of Florence for Eugenio Nocciolini in a show that wants to remember above all the 16 victims

ELENA ARVIGO shows the letters of the prostitutes to Senator Merlin, whom the "houses" wanted to close her

DANIELA MOROZZI proposes AMY_storia of a shipwreck even for schools

GRISELIDIS Real was a pugnacious Swiss French prostitute, played by SERRA YILMAZ

The words are strong, sometimes heavy as stones, sometimes used inappropriately, however important and incisive when they are said on stage.

THE STRENGTH OF WORDS is the theme around which the shows of the 2018/2019 season of the Teatro delle Donne / Teatro Manzoni of Calenzano (Florence) revolve and all the work of the theater drama center: the research on texts, the activity of training, the festival outposts and for the shows that form the season.

The strong words are those of the great playwrights of the past and some of these are referred to in the first part of the season: William Shakespeare and Luigi Pirandello. These will be contemporary rewritings, irreverent references to titles and characters in the history of theater, revised and corrected by authors and authors of today.

To inaugurate it will be one of the most beloved actors, Gianfranco Berardi, with the new show AMLETO TAKE AWAY (December 15th), for which Berardi is finalist at the UBU awards for best actor. Berardi was 19 when a luminary told him he would remain blind; in its details, even ironic, this episode is included in the score of the show, interpreted, directed and written together with Gabriella Casolari.

Also dedicated to the "great bard" is the show of the young Beppe Salmetti and Simone Tangolo, ROMEO AND GIULIETTA, subtitle: love sucks but death more (19 January), reckless and light show, which teases a sacred monster with the desire to throw it into everyday life.

Alessandra Bedino awakens the female characters of Pirandello, who are introduced into her studio to be written or re-written in LA SIGNORA PIRANDELLO (February 23).

Alongside the rewrites of the classics, contemporary texts by Lucia Calamaro, Livia Gionfrida, Filippo Renda, Elisa Casseri (winner of the 53rd Riccione prize for the theater), Eugenio Nocciolini, Valerio Nardoni, Daniela Morozzi.

Two texts investigate a major topic of current affairs: solitude, which can be solitude of the human soul, intimate escape from reason and life, as in MA BECAUSE YOU NEVER SAY NOTHING? MONOLOGO (December 21) with Elisa Pol, but it can also be social solitude, the loneliness of those who are excluded, not accepted because different or foreign as in JOY (February 9) or in AMY_STORIA DI UN NAUFRAGIO (April 13) taken from the story J. Conrad, which is also proposed for schools.

Staged in March two terrible news stories: the massacre of Circeo and the incredible story of the monster of Florence, which for years has troubled the citizens of the Florentine area. Years later we try to investigate the social motivations and the human soul. This is done by young authors: Filippo Renda, Elisa Casseri, Eugenio Nocciolini with the shows: CIRCEO the massacre (9 and 10 March) and NESSUNO the monster of Florence (28, 29, 30, 31 March).

Two other shows deal with the issue of prostitution and the struggle of women for the elimination of its exploitation, an ever-present question: Elena Arvigo's THE METAPHICS OF BEAUTY_LETTERE FROM THE CASE CLOSED (6 April), puts on stage the true letters of prostitutes written to Senator Merlin in support of her bill on the abolition of closed houses; GRISELIDIS (16 April) tells the story of Griselidis Real, a Swiss French prostitute, who worked for the legalization of prostitution in Switzerland and for the rights of French prostitutes.

The Women's Theater reserves a particular attention to the news and the under 35. Three titles of the so-called emerging companies, which gain space in the official season thanks to the quality and the incisiveness of the proposals, under the initials WHAT'S UP: MA WHY DO YOU NEVER SAY ANYTHING? MONOLOGO of Teatro Nerval (December 21), ROMEO AND GIULIETTA love sucks but death more than Idiot Savant (19 January), GIOIA of Metropopolitan Theater (9 February).

The 2018/2019 season of the Teatro delle Donne / Manzoni Theater in Calenzano (Florence) is completed in December and in March with performances for students of primary, middle and secondary schools in Calenzano. An activity in collaboration with the CIVICA library is already underway since September, both as an in-depth study on the themes of the season's shows, and a start-up program at the theater with "Favole & Merenda", an initiative that has great success among the youngest. Considerable steps forward have been made in the field of training, a training open to everyone, even to the youngest and to those who have never approached the theater, a moment of knowledge, meeting and play. The theme chosen for the courses this year is PRIVATE VICES and PUBLIC VIRTUE, a phrase borrowed from a famous film. And to link even more the activity of the season with that of the CalenzanoTeatroFormAzione some of the authors who present their shows at the Teatro Manzoni will also hold drama workshops.

Following program and short cards of the shows
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Sat 15 December 2018 - 9.15 pm - Manzoni Theater - Calenzano (Florence) - FIRST REGIONAL
Company Berardi Casolari / Teatro Dell'elfo
music by Davide Berardi and Bruno Galeone
lights Luca Diani
It is an ironic and bitter reflection that arises from the observation and listening of the surrounding reality, which attracts and frightens us. Everything is crushed between the pain of the people and the temperatures of the environment, between the barbarians of the north and the nomads of the south. The generations are crushed between the study that is not needed and the work that is not there, between under 35 and over 63, between incomprehensible avant-gardes and unbearable traditions ... In this path fits, a little 'for provocation, a little for play meta-theatrical, Shakespeare's Hamlet. Hamlet, a symbol of doubt and insecurity, an icon of discomfort and inadequacy, was the step by step of the ideal character to be entrusted with by witnessing this investigation. (Gianfranco Berardi)

Fri 21 December 2018 - 9.15 pm - Teatro Manzoni - Calenzano (Florence) - WHAT'S UP
of Lucia Calamaro
directed by Maurizio Lupinelli
Sofia Vannini costumes
coproduction Armunia / Festival Inequilibrio
The monologue deals with the theme of loneliness and abandonment through the destabilizing comedy that distinguishes Lucia Calamaro's writing. Mary, the protagonist of our drama, is in fact a single woman whose husband left no one knows when or for what reason. Immersed in a personal universe made of memories, voices, flashes of her past, she waits for you to come back. It is difficult to judge her, but we have a spontaneous, innate sympathy for her, as for all the excluded in literature and society, who in the flight from reason and life have been able to offer us crystalline acts of love for existence. And if nothing was true? But if we were in a hospital room listening to the delirium of a woman affected by some neurological disorder?


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