Avamposti Theater Festival 017

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Address: via Pietro Mascagni, 18 , Calenzano

Date: Monday 18 September 2017


4 DIVERSE LOCATIONS for Avamposti Festival 017:
□ from the Courtyard of the National Museum of the Bargello in Florence,
□ passing through our base at the Teatro Manzoni in Calenzano
□ the CiviCa Library of Calenzano
□ and the Teatro della Limonaia of Sesto Fiorentino.

The program in brief:
▫️ Fri 15th of September: I live in a jungle I sleep on thorns @ National Museum of Bargello, Florence
▫️ Sat 16th Sett .: Opening Ceremony @ Teatro Manzoni
▫️ Sun. and lun. 17-18 september: Care @ Teatro Manzoni
▫️ Thurs. September 21: Andy Warhol Superstar @ Manzoni Theater
▫️ Ven. 22 September: Calenziani Project @ Civic Library / This is my name @ Manzoni Theater
▫️ Ven. 22 weeks - home. 24th week: A foot in paradise @ Limonaia Theater
▫️ sat. 23 and Sun. 24 - The disobedient @ Teatro Manzoni

The Women's Theater makes outbreaks of a stronghold, an advanced site, a garrison, an outpost for the theater of innovation and contemporary authors, with particular attention to the authors and the whole universe to the feminine.

This year we chose to tackle a topical issue, central to social and political debate, which raises important issues at national and European level. But also a very important cultural and philosophical theme : WHO IS STRANIERO?
By vocabulary: the stranger, the outsider, the citizen of another country or other nation, foreign citizen often with hostile connotation, enemy population or otherwise adversary, hated.

Famous is the novel "L'ètranger" of 1942 by Albert Camus, writer, philosopher, essayist, playwright and French activist. The work, from which the beautiful film by Luchino Visconti of 1967 was written with Marcello Mastroianni, is remembered for the existentialist themes he faces: the story of an absurd murder and the absurdity of life, the indifference of the world and the 'the protagonist's strangeness to what's happening around him. The novel tells of the life of a man of French origin who lives in Algiers. Its character is highlighted: it does not seem to feel any kind of emotion. The protagonist will find, for a variety of circumstances and without a specific will, to commit a murder and be sentenced to death.

The foreigner is also the stranger, the one who is not understood, perceived as "normal", integrated into society, is said to be personally, it stands out from the context, which is of a different nature.

Following this leading course in THE OVERSEAS in our festival has declined in several versions.

Even the tower, symbol of the festival, this year is not the usual, well-known, quiet tower of Calenzano Castle, the emblem of the 2017 festival are two towers of the Syrian city of Palmira, two semi-detached towers, two towers symbolizing a reality disturbing, of a wounded city, of a people in war. A war in which many foreign fighters are involved.

In our festival:
□ Foreigner is the Pakistani boy of VIVO IN A JUNGLE, DORMO ON THE SPINE, which will put in crisis the woman lawyer AMANDA SANDRELLI to whom he has been entrusted;
□ Foreigner is the shipwreck of Joseph Conrad's "Amy Foster" story, which is the subject of an AMY production study by DANIELA MOROZZI;
□ Foreigners as immigrants, asylum seekers and refugee interpreters of THIS IS MY NAME, the winner of the public prize at the 2016 Theatrical Resistance Festival and the Cervi Museum-Theater Prize Award for Memory, which is born from a hard work, from a full sacrifice sense, from "sacrum do", to do something sacred, such as meeting with one another or recognizing her dignity; □ Foreign is the great artist Andy Warhol, a stranger to his time, in LAURA SICIGNANO's version, ANDY WARHOL SUPERSTAR, originally interpreted by a woman;
□ stranger is the illness and often also the sick, embarrassing, out of context, theme faced by GHERARDO VITALI ROSATI in LA CURA with ELENA ARVIGO in the role of the main protagonist;
¬ Don Milani was stranger to his contemporaries and to the church of that time, so that he was isolated, relegated to the Mugello Mountains in Barbiana. On the 50th Anniversary of Death, the Theater of Women proposes the DISOBBEDIENT text of the young EUGENIO NOCCIOLINI with GABRIELE GIAFFREDA and the children of CalenzanoTeatroFormazione in the role of six students, dedicated to the Calenzano period of Don Milani, who had the San Donato church first.

The inauguration will take place in an exceptional location: the courtyard of the Bargello Museum in Florence where we will be presenting at the first regional live in a jungle sleeping on the thorns . Avamposti is in fact also the festival that takes the theater out of the theater, invading the territory in search of other spaces and other public, in this sense are the proposals at the Bargello Museum in Florence, the Teatro della Limonaia in Sesto Fiorentino and the library Municipal Civic.

www.teatrodelledonne.com - teatro.donne@libero.it - ​​055 8877213
facebook.com/ ilteatrodelledonne | twitter.com/teatro_donne
pre-sales: Box Office and www.boxol.it
theater ticket office time: from 6 pm

via Proconsul 4 - FLORENCE
whole € 20 reduced € 18

via Mascagni 18 - CALENZANO (FI)
full 13 € reduced 10 € (over 60, under 25, Coop, Arci, ATC)
reduced 7 € for residents in the Municipality of Calenzano
reduced 5 € for enrolled in training courses

via Gramsci 426 - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
(see Festival Intercity tickets)

Way of Knowledge 11 - CALENZANO (FI)
free entry

Other events on Monday 18 September:

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