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Address: via Pietro Mascagni, 18 , Calenzano

Date: Sunday 22 September 2019


And if we did a state?

At Avamposti Festival the inspired show
to the history of the Republic of Cospaia, between Tuscany and Umbria

Sunday 22 September 2019 - 9.30 pm
Manzoni Theater - via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Florence) - tickets 13/10/7/5 euros
by Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci
directed by Luca Ricci
with Simone Faloppa, Gabriele Paolocà and Gioia Salvatori

Fragmentation in small countries is one of the phenomena of our time: we tend to think that distant national and supranational bodies are unable to understand our needs. Thus, the ideas of very small states, based on distrust and ancient sovereign claims, take shape.

"Piccola Patria" is the new show by Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci scheduled for Sunday 22 September (9.30 pm) at the Teatro Manzoni in Calenzano (Florence) as part of the Avamposti show organized by the Teatro delle Donne. On stage Simone Faloppa, Gabriele Paolocà and Gioia Salvatori, directed by Luca Ricci.

The authors were inspired by the story of the Republic of Cospaia, located between Tuscany and Umbria: a strip of land 2 km long and 500 meters wide that was an independent Republic from 1440 to 1826, due to an error in tracing the borders by geographers of the Republic of Florence and the Papal States. For years that strip of land, which did not have to pay taxes to anyone, without an army or prisons, has kept an independent spirit full of suspicion towards the outside.

The story develops over three days: the day before, the day itself and the one following the referendum in which the inhabitants are asked if they want to break away from Italy and proclaim again the independence of their ancient Republic.

The swirling climax brings out the individual, family and social contradictions that are revealed in the relationship between the three protagonists. When something breaks, other lacerations are created incidentally, and every fracture brings others, both in the relationships between people, and inside the people themselves.

A tense show that reflects on one of the phenomena of our time: fragmentation in small countries and the inability of politics to respond to the real needs of citizens.

"Let's tell this story, through the characters of Caterina, Corrado and Lorenzo - explain Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci - each of us is complex, it is the good and the bad according to the roles it has and the moments it goes through. We don't want to take part in anyone. We understand all three of them, and we respect them, even if we do not share the choices of any of them ".

Tickets from 5 to 13 euros. Presales in the Box Office Toscana points and online at Ticketone. Info and reservations tel. 335.1002886 / 055.8877213 - .

Capotrave-Infinite production. Avamposti Teatro Festival 2019 is organized by the Teatro delle Donne with the support of the Municipality of Florence_Estate Fiorentina, Municipality of Calenzano, Metropolitan City of Florence, Region of Tuscany, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, CR Firenze Foundation, Unicoop Florence, Rat.

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