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Address: via Roma 47, 50026 , San Casciano Val di Pesa

Date: Sunday 28 November 2021


Ettore Bassi in the role of prof. Keating
L'Attimo Fuggente at the Niccolini Theater in Florence

O captain, my captain ...

From Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 November 2021
Niccolini Theater - via Ricasoli, 3/5 - Florence
Davide Lenco, STM Live, Teatro Sette
by Tom Schulman - Translation Marco Iacomelli
Ettore Bassi, Matteo Vignati, Matteo Napoletano, Matteo Sangalli, Marco Massari,
Mimmo Chianese, Alessio Ruzzante, Leonardo Larini, Edoardo Tagliaferri, Sara Giacci
Directed by Marco Iacomelli

From the big screen to the theater.
A milestone in the experience of thousands of people around the world, "L'Attimo Fuggente" lands from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th November at the Niccolini Theater in Florence.
Start at 19.30 (Sunday 28 at 16). Seats tickets numbered 17/20/27 euro. Presales on the official website , on and in the presales points of Box Office Toscana. Discount for Coop members, under 21 and over 65. Access with Green Pass.

In the role of the charismatic Professor Keating - in the film the late Robin Williams - is the actor Ettore Bassi, flanked by Matteo Vignati, Matteo Napoletano, Matteo Sangalli, Marco Massari, Mimmo Chianese, Alessio Ruzzante, Leonardo Larini, Edoardo Tagliaferri and Sara Lie down. Directed by Marco Iacomelli, who also edited the translation of the original subject by Tom Schulman.

L'Attimo Fuggente is a love story. Love for poetry, for free thought, for life. That Love that makes us help others to excel, not according to structured and imposed social dictates but by following one's passions, impulses, magnificent and sometimes irrational impulses. Following those Yawps who push a man to fight to conquer the woman he loves, to carry out feats to reach the roofs of the world, to fight for justice with non-violence.

Tom Schulman has written an extraordinary story of bonds, relationships and encounters that change men deeply.

"Thirty years after the film debut - explains Marco Iacomelli - bringing on the scene the story of the young students of Welton Academy and their meeting with Professor Keating means giving new life to these bonds, renewing that experience in those who have a strong memory of film and making it known to those new generations who, perhaps, have not yet seen this story told on the big screen and still do not know "that the powerful show continues, and that you can contribute a verse".

Production Davide Lenco, STM Live, Teatro Sette. Program and info on the official website - tel. 055 094 6404.

Niccolini Theater
Via Ricasoli, 3/5 - Florence
Info tel. 055 0946404 (055 7378721 - ) -

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