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Address: via Roma 47, 50026 , San Casciano Val di Pesa

Date: Sunday 22 April 2018


of Niccolò Machiavelli

with the graduates of the Orazio Costa School for Actors in alphabetical order:
Maddalena Amorini, Francesco Argirò, Beatrice Ceccherini, Davide Diamanti, Francesco Grossi, Filippo Lai, Athos Leonardi, Claudia Ludovica Marino, Laura Pinato, Nadia Saragoni, Sebastiano Spada, Filippo Stefani, Erica Trinchera, Lorenzo Volpe

11-13-15-18-20-22 April:

Callimaco: Filippo Lai
Lucrezia: Laura Pinato
Ligurio: Davide Diamanti
Nicia: Filippo Stefani
Siro: Sebastiano Spada
Frate Timoteo: Lorenzo Volpe
Sostrata: Maddalena Amorini
Woman / Magistra 1: Claudia L. Marino
Magistra 2: Erica Trinchera

12-14-17-19-21 April:

Callimaco: Athos Leonardi
Lucrezia: Nadia Saragoni
Ligurio: Francesco Argirò
Nicia: Sebastiano Spada
Siro: Filippo Stefani
Frate Timoteo: Francesco Grossi
Sostrata: Beatrice Ceccherini
Woman / Magistra 2: Erica Trinchera
Magistra 1: Claudia L. Marino

scenes and costumes Carlo Sala

directed by Marco Baliani

Director's notes
"A show in continuous fibrillating movement, as if the whirlwind of the passions that govern the spirits of the characters was made explicit in a frenzy of dancing bodies. Each character has his own double-shadow that invisibly drags him, moves him, whispers the words to say, confuses and disturbs him, an occult director who moves the body of the character like a puppet. Machiavelli's language will be partly betrayed, as always happens when art commits the arbitrariness of a translation, words must have the same force as the original ones, but they must speak to our disenchanted ears, they must be material and therefore never philologically respectful ".


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