Alessandro Riccio in "Small Hours"

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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: 31 December 2019


Monday 30 December 9.00 pm

Tuesday 31 December at 22.00

Thursday 2 January at 9.00 pm

at the Puccini Theater

Tedavì '98 and Archètipo



written and directed by Alessandro Riccio


Alessandro Riccio - Gaia Nanni - Ciro Masella

Viola Panik - Mr. Punch - Vieri Raddi - Teresa Scaletti

lights Lorenzo Girolami

costumes Dagmar Elisabeth Mecca

dressmaker Daniela Ortolani

The city is a maze of worlds. Every place has its good and bad. Balances unknown to those who do not attend.

Getting lost in a city - today as today - is practically impossible. But getting lost in the maze of the soul is a moment. And that's where you can meet and see things never seen before.

The distortion of reality, the ability to perceive the most hidden detail, the altered sensitivity.

Be careful: it can happen to everyone ...

Alessandro Riccio creates a bandwagon of very funny , absurd characters , terribly similar to all of us, for a year-end show, full of songs, music, paradoxical and surreal situations.

Beside him the charismatic Gaia Nanni - a close-knit duet of the Florentine theater -, Ciro Masella , a highly talented actor who worked alongside Ronconi, Tiezzi, Latini, a pair of overwhelming Burlesque dancers ( Viola Panik and Mr. Punch ) and the very young Vieri Raddi, the true thread of the show.

As in a sort of "Alice in Wonderland ", the young protagonist sees what is not there. But that has always been there beside him.

The show is dedicated to Cry Lipso, the young Florentine rapper who passed away last November. Vladimiro - the protagonist of "Ore Piccole" - is also a very young rapper with a rebellious air and, perhaps, in common they share the burning desire to reveal his inner world and the difficult complexity of doing it.

Tickets 30 December and 2 January

single numbered seat € 15.00

(presale rights excluded)

Tickets for the December 31st replica are sold out

Tickets on sale in the regional Box Office / Ticketone circuit

Online purchase on

INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804

Puccini Theater

Via delle Cascine 41

50144 Florence

Tel. 055.362067 -


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