Alessandro Benvenuti and Stefano Fresi in "donchischi @ tte"

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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Friday 23 November 2018


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Friday 23 and Saturday November 24 at 21.00
at the Puccini Theater
Arca Azzurra Productions


Alessandro WELCOME StefanoFRESI
donchischi @ tte

loosely based on "Don Quixote della Mancha"
by Miguel de Cervantesdi Nunzio Caponio

adaptation and direction by Davide Iodice
with Alessandro Benvenuti and Stefano Fresi
scenes by Tiziano Fario
Daniela Salernitano costumes
lights Andrea Garbini

It is an ironic and scathing theatrical representation in which the windmills are replaced by modern monsters against which in some way one must always fight. An unprecedented analysis of our times that passes between the wings and the stage to arrive in the audience and that in the Theater, place and art, find a means of communication certainly appropriate.
"The show - explains the director, Davide Iodice - stems from an original script that in turn takes inspiration from the spirit of Cervantes's work, throwing once more the symbolism of this 'myth' against our contemporaneity»
With ragged conspiracy robes and naive spirituality, accompanied by a Sancho who is both a son and a disoriented adept, our Don undertakes a desperate and "comical" body against an increasingly virtual world, driven to find the origin of evil in the system that holds it. «If we had a pinch of the courage and sense of justice of Don Quixote - emphasizes the author, Nunzio Caponio - perhaps, our crazy lives would finally make sense»

From the unlikely shelter in which he is holed up, he struggles to keep his critical thought intact, still cultivating an idea: the IDEA. The only window on the outside (or on other interiors) is a theory of screens that looks over characters and knotted worlds, interferences that spur our heroes to action, to some action. And if, in the carousel of thoughts that progressively gallop towards the inevitable delirium, the evil minds of multinational giants are the enemy against which to hurl, Love is still the wind that blows and moves, even if Dulcinea, trapped in a webcam , it can vanish painfully for a common blackout.

Tickets: Sector € 27.00II sector € 22.00 (pre-sale rights excluded)

INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804
Puccini Theater
Via delle Cascine 4150144 Florence
Tel. 055.362067 - ​​


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