Antonio Ornano returns to the Puccini Theater

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Address: via delle Cascine 41, Florence

Date: Saturday 16 March 21:00 - 23:00


Antonio Ornano
by Antonio Ornano, Carlo Turati, Simone Repetto, Matteo Monforte
directed by Davide Balbi
a production of SAVA 'Creative Productions
Why do I never have a moment of tranquility? The most plausible answer is that we all have, more or less, a false perception of the reality that surrounds us.
The great paradox is that we live in an era that offers us millions of opportunities for knowledge and yet we are slaves to an algorithm that on the basis of the pages we have visited offers us the "contents" that could interest us. The tendency is to be increasingly locked up in our beliefs and when these are based on ignorance and prejudice there triggers the short circuit.
We are all focused on our navel and yet it is increasingly difficult to frame ourselves, our aesthetic appearance, our emotionality, the subtle difference between what we are and what we would like to be.
If it is so difficult to find and accept the truth, let us at least try to rediscover the cathartic value of our sincerity. There is nothing more amusing than our hypocrisy, and so I try to rip it off telling you all my schizophrenias, which occur on the sidelines during a football game of my son or struggling with the saving memory of a dancer known to 'years. We talk and jokes about how hard it is to be overwhelmed by our passions and how difficult it is to digest rock music to his wife. He talks and jokes about my difficulties in relating to racism and bullying, as a comedian, and above all as the father of a biological platinum blond child and a black girl adopted in Ethiopia.
And in the end, perhaps to find the "architect" of all these human and real fragilities, we also talk and laugh at the memory of a mother. Mine, as you may have guessed.

single place numbered € 22.00
(excluding pre-sale fees)

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