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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Saturday 12 January 2019


Friday 11 and Saturday 12 January at 21.00

at the Puccini Theater

AB Management



by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields

translation Enrico Luttmann

with Luca Basile, Alessandro Marverti, Valerio Di Benedetto,

Yaser Mohamed, Marco Zordan, Stefania Autuori, Viviana Colais

and the participation of Gabriele Pignotta

directed by Mark Bell

After touching 5 Regions and 15 Theaters, receiving applause from about 20,000 people, he returns to the theater " Che Disastro di Comedia ".

The story takes shape between a scene that implodes little by little on itself and bizarre actors who, clumsily, try to block the blows of the various tragicomic inconveniences that interfere with each other and the script with inspiration and inventiveness, so as not to leave space nothing but irrepressible laughter and overwhelming enjoyment. Between paradoxes and twists the actors do not remember the lines, the doors do not open, the scenes collapse, the objects disappear and reappear elsewhere. Everything is studied down to the smallest detail with savvy humor and never being artificial or cloying.

The incessant rhythm of the show if on the one hand involves the public in a raging whirlwind of laughter, on the other hand shows the great physical effort that the protagonists put into play to represent the disasters that accumulate in a crescendo without control. Open applause for the protagonists, a cast of histrionic professionals with unparalleled comedy times that have succeeded, between acting and technique, to make this comedy a little great miracle.

Exclusively in Italy, the British director Mark Bell presents the show "The play that goes wrong " in Italian, born in 2012 in a small theater inside a London pub, The Old Red Lion, with a maximum of 60 spectators in the evening and a scene "built" by the actors themselves.

This show was so successful that it debuted in world premiere in 2014 at the "Duchess Theater" in London where it is still incredibly staged.

Among the numerous prizes obtained, remember the Olivier Awards 2015 and 2016 , as Best Comedy of the Year, the Molière Prize, in its French version, again in 2016 .

Written by Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields and Henry Lewis, specially for the Mischief Theater Company, it has been translated and fired in over 20 countries, landing in China, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

In 2017 , again under the direction of Mark Bell, he landed in the United States , on Broadway , produced by JJ Abrams , at his debut in the theater world; here he gets the Tony Award for the scenography by Nigel Hook, faithfully filmed in Italy by Giulia De Mari.

" Che Disastro di Comedia" tells the story of an amateur theatrical company that, after having suddenly inherited a huge sum of money, tries to produce an ambitious show that revolves around a mysterious murder perpetrated in the 1920s, in the West End.

The comedy is a succession of errors, blunders, embarrassing moments and disasters caused by the actors themselves. The production turns out to be a catastrophe and the actors start to feel the pressure, going into panic.

" Che Disastro Di Comedia" highlights all the fears and mistakes that an actor on stage would not want and should never commit.

Director's notes

This show, 'The Play That Goes Wrong', was born in 2012, in a small theater inside a London pub called The Old Red Lion.

With a maximum of 60 spectators in the evening and a set design "built" by the actors themselves, this show was so successful that it debuted in world premiere in 2014 at the Duchess Theater in London and is currently on stage at the same theater.

The play was written by Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields and Henry Lewis, specifically for the Mischief Theater Company.

They asked me to direct it, because many ideas contained in the comedy come from my long work with them, as students-actors at the LAMDA ( London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art).

I am immensely grateful to the Mischief Theater for this! It is the most determined company I have ever worked with and the success of the comedy is the result of the commitment, tenacity and comic talent of the actors.

The show has had 7 months of touring, throughout the UK and I have directed 2 cast that have replaced, over time, the original company (the show has been in the West End for over two years), as well as the international cast in Hungary, Australia, France and now, I finally arrive in Italy! Here in Rome, as in London, I have the privilege of working with very talented actors who are serious about it and what you will see will be the result of their skill, dedication and ability to be "stupid"! Do not underestimate this last thing, it is an extraordinary and rare capacity.

I only helped ...

Mark Bell


The sector € 27.00

The sector € 22.00

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INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804

Puccini Theater

Via delle Cascine 41

50144 Florence

Tel. 055.362067

www.teatropuccini.it - info@teatropuccini.it



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