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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Saturday 21 December 2019


Sunday 1 December at 9.00pm

The occasion of the World Day against AI In collaboration with Florence Queer Festival

The Singing Family presents

The boys in the band

(Dear friend Harold's birthday party)

directed by Giorgio Bozzo

translation of Constantine of Gherardesca

THE BOYS IN THE BAND is a play by the American playwright Mart Crowley, which was staged for the first time at the Theater Four in New York on April 14, 1968, remaining on the bill for 1,001 performances until September 6, 1970.

It is considered a milestone in the history of theater, because it was the first gay themed comedy written for the general public. Moreover, in his debut, he had surprising success and approval from critics and the public.

In a duplex apartment at 50th in New York, a group of homosexual friends organized a birthday party for Harold, who turns 32.

The story begins with the arrival of Michael, the host, of Donald and gradually the other guests, Larry, Hank, Bernard and Emory.

Surprisingly, however, Alan, an old friend from Michael's college days in New York for work, also shows up and says he desperately needs to talk to him. Alan is involved, in spite of himself, in a crescendo of drinking, disagreements, heavy jokes that culminate with the arrival of a young midnight cowboy - a hustler hired as a birthday present - and finally of Harold, the birthday boy. And it is precisely when the atmosphere became electric that Michael forces all those present to participate in a game that turns out to be brutal for many of those who take part in it. But he won't be the winner of the evening.

Single seat numbered € 20.00

(excluding presale rights)

Thursday 5 December at 21.00

ITC2000 presents

Enrico Bertolino

Instant theater

from an idea by Enrico Bertolino and Luca Bottura

written by Enrico Bertolino, Luca Bottura and Massimo Navone with the collaboration of Enrico Nocera

directed by Massimo Navone

Enrico Bertolino has long been involved in this innovative theatrical formula: it is precisely the instant theater® , a show in which narration, current events, humor, history, customs, news, comedy, politics and satire meet on the boards of a stage . The theater thus becomes a place of satirical information closely linked to current events, and the show is a path of knowledge of a political or social theme, a "tutorial" with a smile on the lips, particularly suitable for those who, like Bertolino himself, graze certainties and equally divided doubts. Ninety minutes of show to clarify their beliefs and get new ones . On stage, to mark the different moments of the show and to accompany the Milanese stand up comedian in his musical performances, there will be the multi-instrumentalists Roberto Antonio Dibitonto and Tiziano Cannas Aghedu with original music and others taken from the great repertoire of Italian pop music.

I sector € 25.00

II sector € 20.00

(excluding presale rights)

Tuesday 10 December at 21.00

Teatro Verdi in Florence presents


Caveman - the caveman

by Rob Becker

directed by Teo Teocoli

live music performed by the Cave Band

Are you in the 7th year of marriage?

Are you getting married?

Are you leaving yourself?

Are you going to live together? ... You should see CAVEMAN!

Eighteenth reply for CAVEMAN the caveman, for the sixth season on the usual stage of the Teatro Puccini, where the first date started in November 2014. Merit of the exhilarating text on the facts and misdeeds of married life, on a a topic that never goes out of fashion: the eternal encounter / conflict between man and woman, with their delusions, the different ways of thinking and acting. And certainly thanks to Maurizio Colombi, who discovers a comedian capable of facing with elegance two hours of show at a pressing pace, surprising every kind of audience.

The longest running monologue in the history of Broadway was written by Rob Becker in 1995 and is the result of three years of studies in anthropology, prehistory, psychology, sociology and mythology.

Exported to 30 countries worldwide, it has already been seen by over 10 million viewers.

The Italian version directed by Teo Teocoli, histrion par excellence for his first theatrical direction, and interpreted by a surprising Maurizio Colombi, asserts itself as one of the best interpretations, from which numerous foreign versions have taken inspiration. This prehistoric look at the battle of the sexes is a humorous study that deals with couple dynamics and misunderstandings between men and women with a strong ironic imprint.

It is first of all the ability to 'identify' in the stories that trigger people's laughter.

I sector € 24.50

II sector € 17.40

(excluding presale rights)

Thursday 12 December at 21.00

Contempo Records and Metiche Metropolitane

Massimo Zamboni

Kreuzberg sonata

thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

and with Angela Baraldi and Cristiano Roversi

Thirty years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the most controversial symbol of a city crushed by the memory of the Second World War, paralyzed by the totalitarian nightmare of the GDR and the Cold War and which nevertheless had become the capital of the most radical creativity, of the counterculture and the most innovative music. The enthusiasm, the hopes for the future Europe born on that November 9, 1989 must come to terms today with the new fragmentation of our continent and the reborn, pressing request of Muri. On the occasion of that anniversary, Massimo Zamboni, Angela Baraldi, Cristiano Roversi return on tour with the show Sonata in Kreuzberg - dedicated to the city of Berlin and in particular to its most legendary neighborhood, the Kreuzberg of occupied houses and the most ingrained youth creativity - re-proposing the songs of the eponymous album released for Contemporecords in the autumn of 2018, which sees Massimo Zamboni (for the occasion on bass rather than guitar), Angela Baraldi on vocals and Cristiano Roversi on piano and rhythmics.

Single seat numbered € 15.00

(excluding presale rights)

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 December at 21.00

Company Umberto Orsini presents

Massimo Popolizio


from the novel by John Steinbeck adapted by Emanuele Trevi

a project by and with Massimo Popolizio with live music performed

" It is an extraordinary figure of narrator - at the same time archaic and very modern - that can take shape in a work of dramaturgy based on John Steinbeck's masterpiece. And perhaps there is no actor, in the Italian scene, more able than Massimo Popolizio to lend to this powerful, unforgettable "story teller" a body and a voice adequate to the literary greatness of the model. Reading Furore , we soon learn to know him, this unnamed character who moves the threads of history. Nothing is foreign to him: he knows the human heart and the desperation of the derelict as if he were one of them, but unlike them he also knows the causes of their destiny, the ineluctable dynamics of social injustice, the relationships that link the stories of individuals to the natural landscape, technological upheavals, climate uncertainties. Everything, in its long story, seems to come to life with the most exact contours and the impact force of a truth pronounced with exactness and compassion. More than a "reduction", we believe that a drama project on Furore should tend to exalt the infinite poetic resources of Steinbeck's narrative method, making them even more evident and effective than during reading. By recounting the misfortunes of the Joad family, and the motives of one of the most devastating peasant migrations in modern history, Massimo Popolizio will give life to an epic and lyrical, realist and visionary one-man show, always surprising for his painful, urgent topicality. "Emanuele Trevi

I sector € 25.00

II sector € 20.00

(excluding presale rights)

Thursday 19 December at 21.00

An ArtemistA production

in collaboration with the Fiesole Music School


with Anna Maria Castelli singer and Alkanna BQ Baritone Sax Quartet

(Alda Dalle Lucche, Michela Ciampelli, Giada Moretti, Giulia Fidenti)

music by Ludovico Einaudi and Luigi Tenco

The women of Alice Munro, Italo Calvino and Raymond Carver talk about themselves. The names deliberately hidden to give strength to their experience. The stories, masterpieces of contemporary literature are transformed into testimony and confession. They are told through Anna Maria Castelli's magnetic voice and the rarefied atmosphere of the music of the Quartetto di Saxofoni Baritoni, Alkanna BQ, all female.

Single seat numbered € 10.00

(excluding presale rights)

Friday 20th December at 9.00pm

A Fosca production

in collaboration with the Fiesole Music School


site specific version # 5

by Caterina Poggesi and Oumoulkhairy Carroy

directed by Caterina Poggesi

taken by Cristina Abati

interpretation Oumoulkhairy Carroy (body and piano)

with the contribution of the Tuscany Region, in collaboration with Tempo Reale, Institut français Florence, Il Vivaio del Malcantone (FI)

On stage the double soul of the piano, percussive and rhythmic instrument, but associated with a melodic dimension. The biographical plurality of the protagonist, of Senegalese origin, but of French and Italian citizenship, amplifies the resonance of this root. These are the elements

main ones that are subtext to the whole score: the piano object and the autobiographical references. Everything manifests itself in an expressive journey between imaginary visions and quotations. A narrative is created that opens to the internal struggle between the tribal matrix and the bourgeois declination,

westernized, colonial, of the most giant of instruments and its interpreter.

Single seat numbered € 10.00

(excluding presale rights)

Saturday 21 December at 21.00

A Catalyst production


by Riccardo Rombi

with Giorgia Calandrini

directed by Riccardo Rombi

assistant director Ulpia Marcela Popa

Three musicians, tormented by the desire to find musical perfection, decide to free themselves from this mania by going to a nursing home for artists, but confusing Bristol - England - with Pristol - Romania - they find themselves in an aseptic hospital from which all forms are banned of music and art. Under the watchful eye of a strict nurse, they decide to escape Christmas Eve, transforming the nursing home into a fantastic republic of the arts and freedom.

Single seat numbered € 15.00

(excluding presale rights)

Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 December - Thursday 2 January 21.00 (31/12 at 22.00)

Tedavi '98 presents

Alessandro Riccio, Ciro Masella and Gaia Nanni

Small hours

written and directed by Alessandro Riccio

and with Gaia Nanni, Ciro Masella, Viola Panik, Mr. Punch, Vieri Raddi

The city is a maze of worlds. Every place has its good guys and its bad guys. Equilibria unknown to those who do not attend. Getting lost in a city - today as today - is practically impossible. But getting lost in the depths of the soul is a moment. And that's where you can meet and see things you've never seen. The distortion of reality, the ability to perceive the most hidden detail, the sensitivity altered. Beware: it can happen to everyone ...

Alessandro Riccio creates a band of amusing, absurd characters, terribly similar to us all, for a show at the end of the year, full of songs, music, paradoxical and surreal situations.

Beside him the charismatic Gaia Nanni - by now a very close-up duet of the Florentine theater -, Ciro Masella, a very talented actor who worked alongside Ronconi, Tiezzi, Latini, a pair of overwhelming Burlesque dancers (Viola Panik and Mr. Punch) and the very young Vieri Raddi is the true thread of the show.

As in a sort of "Alice in Wonderland ", the young protagonist sees what is not there. But that still has always been there beside him.

December 30:

Single seat numbered € 15.00

(excluding presale rights)

December 31st:

I sector € 45.00

II sector € 35.00

(excluding presale rights)

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