Elisa di Vallombrosa

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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Saturday 18 May 2019


But what did you see how beautiful the Biancone is now? And they have taken care of it for two years! "" Lucky him, and he will have had a good health insurance! "" No, it was but thanks to Ferragamo! He paid for everything and said that you want nothing! It is enough for one to claim a maintenance allowance, since it already tears two wives for the month! "

Thus begins with an ironic dialogue between two Florentines in Piazza Signoria the goliardic operetta "Elisa di Vallombrosa" to be held at the Teatro Puccini in Florence on Saturday 18 May at 8.45 pm by the Goliardic Florentine Dopolavoro "Alvaro Vannini" , whose proceeds will go in favor of the " Daniele Mariano onlus " Association for the fight against childhood cancer.

But does this "Elisa di Vallombrosa" have anything to do with the TV drama "Elisa di Rivombrosa", winner of the Telegatto? The director Alex TH Glass answers us: “It's his parody, we just moved it from the Kingdom of Savoy in Piedmont to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and then from Rivombrosa to Vallombrosa. For the rest it is all perfectly the same .. the conspiracy, the plots, the vices and virtues of a corrupt society that however redeems itself in the love story of Elisa, in the nobility of soul of the elderly Countess, in the modesty of Anna, in the innocence of little Emilia. We have restricted 13 TV episodes to two hours of operetta, we are applying to win the Teletopa ...

Unfortunately, of female Elisa, Anna, Agnese and all the other actors of the Goliardic Dopolavoro have very little, given that characters and performers are all strictly male, in the perfect tradition of the goliardic theater, identifiable by pseudonyms and nicknames like Forrest, Gigante, Bove, Passera , Piston, etc. that hide not only university students but doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and respected professionals who dedicate their free time to this activity.

And with the head covered by the typical headgear wrapped in green and black, the symbolic emblem of the chemical division and of the textile division, the students and even former students of the Club delle Pagliette of the technical institute Tullio Buzzi will take part in the show with two ballets, one dedicated to the new runway at Peretola airport and the other ballet on a theme of great relevance: the strike by schoolchildren against global warming.

In the show the actors of Dopolavoro Goliardico will not give anyone any discounts, their cultured and intelligent irony but also irreverent and sometimes scurrilous, will touch all the themes of the complexity of the relationship between man and woman in Florentine city life, where the Grand Duke Leopoldo to play the violin is forced by the Grand Duchess Maria to go hidden in a corner of the Boboli Gardens ...

Lots of laughter and fun, forty actors, an orchestra of professionals playing live music, parodies of famous songs, fine costumes, first-rate tricks, gorgeous stage furniture. And in addition, 18 close-knit dancers and out of breath.

For ticket information - dopolavorogoliardico@gmail.com - facebook.com/alvarovannini


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