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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Saturday 14 September 2019


Firenzenotte is unable to monitor the events that are cancelled, sometimes even with very little notice, due to the Coronavirus. Before going to the premises, please check directly with the organisers if the venue is open or if the scheduled event is confirmed.

III edition

The Puppet Festival organized by the Stac Puppets has reached its third edition. Five shows are scheduled for families and workshops reserved for children with reservations required. In addition to the Stac Puppets, there will be the Spanish company Rocamora Teatre, LucaRonga and Elisabetta Salvatori.

Saturday, September 14th

3.30pm at the Teatro Puccini Ridotto, the first creative workshop for children from 3 to 10 years - reservations required

4.45 pm Pupi of Stac present "Stenterello in Pirate Island"
The overbearing captain Barbariccia, who wants to usurp the throne to the young prince Eugenio, has poisoned and reduced him to the end of his life and, not enough, also contends for him the hand of the beautiful Aurora. It is up to Stenterello and Carlotta, inadequate explorers, to find the medicinal plant that will awaken the Prince. We will witness the duel to the death of the two contenders and the final twist that will bring justice to the kingdom! In the following "Stenterello and the Talking Tree" Barbariccia will try to take revenge.

Show recommended from 4 years

6.00 pm in the Puccini Theater Ridotto

second creative workshop for children from 3 to 10 years - reservations required

6.45 pm Luca Ronga presents "The Guaratelle di Pulcinella"
The puppets, expertly carved in the wood, have a suitable size that allows their movements to be refined and agile, simple their feelings: for this reason they are universally and immediately comprehensible under any parallel, regardless of names, cultures and local traditions. Guarattelle puppets bring with them "a comedy that explodes the carnival and the body in a disruptive way" (Ugo Vuoso)

Luca Ronga is considered one of the most interesting interpreters of Pulcinella, winning national and international awards and recognitions. With his shows he participates in numerous Italian and foreign festivals

Show recommended from 4 years

9.00 pm Rocamora Teatre Barcelona presents "Identitaz"
The marionette as the absolute protagonist of an innovative work, with a high degree of technical complexity, in the manipulation of a 90 centimeters high puppet with 27 threads that handles Carles Cañellas and subsequently interprets the various marked characters of the masks he wears. Dramatic actions interspersed with moments of contemporary dance, with choreographies created by former dancer and puppeteer Susanna Rodríguez, in which the puppet moves to the rhythm of electronic music. Open the field of the Marionette to contemporary research and to the young public.
Commemorating the more than forty years of his career, the Marionettist Carles Cañellas proposes a wordless work for young people and adults, where he combines the purity of the Wire Marionette, with the most accurate manipulation possible and an exploration of the enormous dramatic capacity of the puppet.

Show recommended from 10 years

Sunday, September 15th
3.30 pm in the Puccini Theater Ridotto
first creative workshop for children from 3 to 10 years - reservations required

4.45 pm Rocamora Teatre Barcelona presents "Solista"
Seven amusing, poetic, surprising stories, represented by six puppets in different types, one at a time, but with a common spirit: the verisimilitude of life as a decapacity. The actor and puppet animator acts, plays with them on stage. Sometimes he intervenes directly, by choice or because he is forced by the situation, in others he "disappears" in concentrating all the attention on the puppet.

Show recommended from 4 years

6.00 pm in the Puccini Theater Ridotto
second creative workshop for children from 3 to 10 years - reservations required

6.45pm Elisabetta Salvatori in "Traveling in a Suitcase"
Six fairy tales told by opening six different suitcases, each is a small theater, a magical environment, and from suitcase to suitcase the stage is filled with new colorful paintings
Who narrates is a traveler who in her going around the world has had the chance to know so many stories, she has decided to keep them to continue telling them.

Show recommended from 4 years

Single seat € 10 for the whole day - single seat € 5 for the evening show

Single seat € 10
The ticket includes shows, Saturday buffet and access to the laboratories.

To participate in the workshops it is necessary to book at 347 3494755

Tickets on sale in the regional circuit
Box Office
INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804
Puccini Theater
Via delle Cascine 4150144 Florence
Tel. 055.362067
www.teatropuccini.it - info@teatropuccini.it


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