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Address: via delle Cascine 41, Florence

Date: Thursday 7 February 21:00 - 22:00


GUL, in Swedish, means yellow.
This is what concerns the assassination, in 1986 in Sweden, of Prime Minister Olof Palme, a charismatic and courageous political leader. A cold case unresolved today, involving a policewoman, a victim, a murderer, a principal and a widow; and that is narratively returned through a mosaic of testimonies and events to return to this forgotten history of our contemporaneity different keys of reading.

Gemma Carbone returns to Florence, his hometown, with a compelling show written together with the crime writer Giancarlo De Cataldo, who sees her on stage in an intense interpretation of a fact of disturbing news and yet fundamental to the understanding of our present:

"One hundred and thirty-four people claimed responsibility for the murder of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister who was killed on the evening of February 28, 1986 after leaving a movie theater in Stockholm, Sweden. It is in all respects a cold case, a Scandinavian yellow of which we have elements and clues but no solution. The Palme murder conditioned international politics, paving the way for the liberal breakthrough of the late 1980s.
Today, around that murder, dozens of theories of the
plot ranging from the involvement of the CIA to that of the Kurds of the PKK. There are clues that even bind P2 and Licio Gelli, but there are traces that call into question the South African secret services and the Scandinavian neo-Nazis. Nobody has an alibi, everyone has a motive.
The real mysteries are the mirror of neurosis and phobias of society: we consider them entertainment, instead they say a lot of us. In The Perfect Crime Baudrillard speaks of "disappearance of reality", of the cancellation of the difference between the real world and the mediated image. The hyperreality to which we have access - videos, live direct, streaming - is a simulacrum of reality, we no longer have direct contact with events. Through the game of the genre, unveiling takes place: what we are witnessing is not just any story, but history with a capital S, reality. It is a game that I am granted because I believe that theater - the total illusion, the ephemeral imagination - is today the only place able to make
a real fact, concrete but forgotten, of new present. »

Gemma Carbone, from an interview with Laura Zangarini on "Corriere della sera", 30th August 2017


GUL - a shot in the dark

from an idea of Gemma Carbone
with Gemma Carbone
written by Giancarlo De Cataldo, Gemma Carbone, Giulia Maria Falzea, Riccardo Festa
assistant directors Giulia Maria Falzea and Riccardo Festa
music by Harriet Ohlsson
costumes by Marika Hansson
with the artistic advice of Salvatore Tramacere
research in collaboration with Marco Sgrosso

duration 60 '

Koreja Theater Construction
with the support of Konstnärsnämnden, ABF, Teatro Dimora Arboreto, Armunia - Centro di residenza
Artistic Castiglioncello - Festival Inequilibrio and Residenza IDRA
Naprawski co-production (SVE)
organization and tour Laura Scorrano and Georgia Tramacere

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