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Address: via delle Cascine 41, Florence

Date: Friday 18 January 21:00 - 23:00


by Anders Lustgarten
translation of Elena Battista
scenes and costumes Alvisi + Kirimoto
lights Stefano Valentini
original music by Aleph Viola
photo by Luca Manfrini / courtesy of Marcello Norberth
directed by Gianpiero Borgia
a production BAM Teatro / Teatro Eliseo / Mittelfest 2017 in collaboration with La Corte Ospitale

The migratory flow we perceive as ever more unstoppable will be the real problem of the Community policies of the next decade. Our Europe, which we had imagined without borders, now claims the geography of national borders; the multiethnic metissage proposed by the mixture of cultures, is turned away in the name of respect for their ethnicity and their traditions, populism advances diligating simple solutions to highly complex problems. And the walls that we thought we had abandoned to the memory of history, come back to rise with arrogance.
Above all, fear of the other and the specter of attacks in the heart of our cities dominates.
Anders Lustgarten turns his attention to mass migrations, confronting with courage the life of Stefano, a Sicilian fisherman who now earns his living by recovering the bodies of refugees drowned in the sea, with that of Denise, an Italian Moroccan student, immigrant second-generation student who works as a debt collector for a loan company.
Poverty and despair are not only the scenario of the story: they are the cause of social contrast, of the evil of the protagonists. Argument of escape for both and together condition for the improvement of their status, through the looting of the despair of others.

The text of Lustgarten is surprisingly a story about the survival of hope. Behind the systematic disaster of politics and nations, there are still and fortunately people, individual kindness, the surprise of individuals.

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