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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Saturday 02 March 2019


Saturday 2 March at 21.00

at the Puccini Theater

A.GI.DI. presents

Giacomo Poretti

Make a soul


with the collaboration of LUCA DONINELLI

original music by FERDINANDO BAROFFIO


directed by ANDREA CHIODI

This monologue, written and interpreted by Giacomo Poretti, collects digressions and provocations on an organ that the modern manuals of anatomy do not contemplate, but for thousands of years men of all latitudes have spoken: when does the soul develop in a living being? Does it really exist or is it just a chimera, a desire? Or is it so infinitesimal that you do not even see it with the largest particle splitter? And in the end, even if we found it, what is the soul for? What do we do with it? Or rather, what would you like to do with us?

" The design of this monologue - explains Giacomo - has been in my mind since my son Emanuele was born. On that occasion an elderly priest came to visit us at the hospital, whom my wife and I knew well. He complimented us and told us: well, you have made a body, now you have to make the soul. This sentence has stayed with me for a long time, it has settled down until I have decided to face the question, a task that is certainly not easy.

To deal with it I used the language of humor and irony and I asked myself a lot of questions. How is the soul born? Check with milk teeth? Or after? How much does a proper diet affect it to make it grow? And, if so, would it be better to have a high-protein or gluten-free diet, or a sodium-free diet? But does the soul really exist or is it our invention? And again: is it a word to retire or the complicated times we are going through make it more than ever unavoidable? Notwithstanding that everyone can decline it by giving it the meaning it best believes: commitment, moral sense, civil militancy or other.

Soul is a word that risks extinction, alongside the modern, more noisy and coarse words. It is a strange word, mysterious and unknown, but with a gentle and impalpable sound, light as a breath, forced to solitude, a bit like children who can not play football and for this reason they are destined to remain seated on the edge of the field. see others chasing each other and having fun ".

"And then - Giacomo continues - to think about what a soul is needed? Nobody asks you to show it: when you stop the carabinieri are satisfied with driving license and booklet, if you make purchases on the internet are enough credit card and email. it seems the most anti-modern thing that can exist, older than the steam train, older than the cathode ray tube television, more demodè than the skates to put in a living room with wax on the floor, as distant as a black and white photo, bizarre as a fan, eccentric like a tuxedo and useless like a bow tie.

At a certain point, it is likely to make you feel that word there.

Perhaps a word to stay alive must be attended, it must be written, it must be said; words are like people need care, someone who goes to visit them, words must be in company, if they do not speak the words are forgotten and disappear.

Certain words risk ending their existence on dictionaries, which sometimes seem to be cemeteries of words ".

The show begins with a stumbling block, a slip, an unexpected word that puts itself at home like an unexpected and unwanted stranger.

Words can be more threatening than men and with its stubbornness that word, soul, forces us to take care of all the words of modernity. Soul is a blooded, malevolent and malnourished little word, yet it is jealous and in love: in love with us and with life, and like every lover it takes only for itself.


Giacomo Poretti, (Busto Garolfo, 26 April 1956) obtained several diplomas and practiced various trades. In 1984 he decides that his path is the theater and he enrolls at the theatrical academy of Busto Arsizio where he meets Marina Massironi, companion of scenes in the "Hänsel and Strudel" duo, who will see them touring clubs and tourist resorts until 1989.

In 1991 Giacomo's meeting with Aldo and Giovanni took place: they shared a lively and simple vision of comedy, made of a balanced and effective union between the immediacy of the verbal beat and the mimic skill. If the famous participation in TV programs make the trio known to the general public - remember Su la testa (conceived and conducted by Paolo Rossi on Rai 3), Cielito lindo (Rai 3), Never say goals and Never say Sunday (Italy1) - Aldo , Giovanni and Giacomo dedicate themselves to the theater with extraordinary success, led by Arturo Brachetti and stage I Corti (1996), Tel chi el Telun (1999), Anplagghed (2006), Ammutta Muddica (2012) until The best of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo with whom they celebrate their 25 years of career in 2016. Giacomo, together with Aldo and Giovanni, is the protagonist and, in most cases also director, of 10 films of box office: Three men and one leg (1997), So is life - a true story (1998), Ask me if I'm happy (2000), The Legend of Al, John and Jack (2002), Do you know Claudia? (2000), Anplagghed al cinema (2006), Il cosmo sul comò , (2008), La banda dei Santa Claus (2010), The rich the poor and the butler (2014), Escape from Reuma Park (2016).

Giacomo is the author of two best sellers published by Mondadori: Tall as a vase of geraniums (2012) and Al paradiso is better to believe (2015). Together with Aldo and Giovanni he wrote Three Men and a Life. Our (true) story told for the first time (Mondadori, 2016) by Michele Brambilla. He was a columnist for La Stampa from 2012 to 2016 and currently writes for Avvenire and Corriere della Sera.

In 2018 he returns to the theater with Fare un anima, a monologue written and performed by Giacomo, directed by Andrea Chiodi.

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INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804

Puccini Theater

Via delle Cascine 41

50144 Florence

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